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Well really started glared.
how could this to me,uggs outlet! How can!
“I do not think we have any special relationship is only working with my colleagues, and more ……”
“is no more? how could you? you can not understand my heart ah! Just accept it! do not what else to do!”
“It seems we have no fate we recognize was only four months there is no special memories and I believe completely clean ……”
surprisingly calm and grace true. Well really seen like this, SIEHE more depressed. Such sincere
…… immediately wanted to go somewhere else with you flee, you …… but you want to have, how will so calm? My heart …… thought it lying?
“no recall? you have something to say to me, all are memories! These are the memories of those precious memories. all the words you inadvertently uttered, is precious to me, are the memories ! but how can you recognize a man less than two months to get married? Well really, I do not force you to come to me …… but you can not do that, I do not know what happened, but think rationally bar. beg you ……! you even what kind of person he is not know! together not long time! how you and people like that over a lifetime it? you think this is okay? “
only two of them had a playground, suddenly remembered the voices of others. Is there a special bass MinYu. He rudely interrupted by World said OK.
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voice came from where it …… Well really see people popping Yu, turn too far. MinYu see grace really looked too far to turn himself an instant do not know what to feel a strange feeling. Although I do not know what feelings, but one thing is for sure, it is unpleasant. Also, this is about to become his wife in front of a woman screaming kid, it is hateful. He wanted to fly a punch.
“What are you, ah what reason? urged to hurry to get married so what is? grace really only twenty-one years old. know less than two months before getting married?”
“I know better than you and you are not qualified to know, understand?”
“Hey, though I do not know what kind of person you are, but so pure girl, you do not touch and do not hurt her,cheap uggs, in my opinion, you just want to have her play with her. could also use the money to seduce and descent She’s right. still great eloquence. clever point when girls are not meeting, it is such a girl. “
moment, China Yu jumped up from the front flashed. The two men rolled together, you punch his fist hit together. Min Yu, Shi He is shouting to play together …… crazy waving fists. They do not seem to know roughly what they are doing like. Grace should really want to stop them,cheap ugg boors, just close them, two people shouting together:
“You pull over!”
do they really need to do …… Well patted the head, shook his head and left the playground. No one is really a normal person …… do not ……
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Well really so back home, into the kitchen to give the father went to the fridge to eat.
they both know what it …… ……
come up with some vegetables, fried pinned, suddenly she heard a man knocked on the door to the pound.
“I ……”
Xu Min Yu. Although the thought of him, but really still hesitated for a long grace before opening the door. Thump …… MinYu backward TU true. Of course he did not actually hurt so heavy, but he as an excuse, took her in his arms. He really backward Well, uh really sudden panic, and helped his brother went to the room.
“okay? hurt bad?”
“Oh, why fight this senseless war ah. really childish ……”
her tone of voice, as if she is, and this did little to fight like a man. No matter what the cause of this matter themselves. China Yu lying with his arm over his eyes. After all this nice woman like no feelings. Min Shi Hyuk for that guy, for me, too ……
“Yeah, if it is you, the day before the wedding, a truly beautiful woman ran crying and lie with me, so I do not get married, then you will remain silent?”
“will ah.” Well the answer is really listening
, China Yu Oh to laugh uncontrollably. Helpless people get fast answers. Ten million active atmosphere, say something!
“Really? Why?”
“Why do you say …… even in that case there will not be any change …… I hate useless to fight with others.”
“ha ha ……”
how have such confidence. I went to Merry, estimated that she would not bat an eye. Well really put MinYu throw in there regardless, went to the kitchen busy. After a child, he was out on the points table tucked tasted a variety of dishes stood.
“Yeah …… these are what you do it?”
“Yes ah ……”
“wow, wow, it looks great cooks it?”
“is to eat it. Hey! Do not eat! This is Dad!”
“ah. well. whispering ……”
MinYu while muttering while sucking on taste, then looked cook miso soup tasted salty side while adding the seasoning spices that grace really say:
“Yeah ……”
“how the ……”
“will give me …… do so …… meal?”
“ah. cook.”
“That gives you doing?”
“ah? That would be nice ……”
“then do the chanting. Anyway, I have to eat alive ……”
then do chanting ……
then do chanting ……
this sentence, in China Yu listen to, how so warm it. China Yu could not help but smile, bobbing to the music.
done for me …… I also had dinner …… I could eat such a meal ah. Yes, ah, I could eat the others had deliberately gave me the warm rice ah ……
wedding day.
Well really busy from the start in the morning on the run, finished ready, suddenly saw a wheelchair came to the scene of his father’s wedding look. Guests who groom side, there are guests coming and going, his mother and his brother, sister-in-law, as well as other friends on the business. Compared to the bride look a bit shabby side. Several relatives did, Mom, there are a few best friends. Chun took the best friend gift tin, and standing next to his mother, the line ceremony.
been in tears last night watching his father. Because you can not look like …… holding his hand at the wedding and very guilty. Mom is also …… kept asking how to do, and that should not come on my father’s friends and embarrassed. Well see True Parents worry that China Yu said:
“I’ll be in the same position on her Mom, you do not have to worry about them.”
the other hand, the bride waiting room.
how to engage in it, you also have this put on the wedding day, ah, my friends show off with. They say, “Now really great makeup techniques.” Well really feel sick. Wearing his pick of the wedding, but also very uncomfortable wearing a pair of sandals in general seems to be put together with a rag head like high heels. Like …… not himself. And relatives and friends, according to a lot of the images, hear the saying “Be prepared bride!” Everyone went out from the reception the bride, twenty minutes from now, everyone should be identified as her husband people, Xu Min Yu, into the reception room.
“ready …… have done it?”
“…… am.”
“smile ah, I do not also does not like but still laughing at you.”
Having said that, but China Yu’s face clearly delighted. Probably because this woman finally became his wife officially rejoice.
“I ……”
“first concentrate on the wedding, I would like to do a top wedding, to work it?”
“call ……”
“nothing uncomfortable, right? now not allowed to say anything else a few minutes later, we officially became husband and wife.”
“If I had known this fabric must wear head to do something, I’d rather not get married.”
looked pouted her lips muttered, trying to stick up his lips. And determined to make her happy …… as long as she say, wanted to hug her ……
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but ……
“Because your feet too fat, so it uncomfortable, right? Oh, quick go out, go out. so hot, so hot.”
Yu said while China opened the door and got out.
no accident, the wedding is over, they are put on the ring finger of the left hand symbolizes eternity ring. After the wedding, they want to get up to go to Hawaii.
“Well really good ah …… good to go back on …… I’m sorry, Mom ……”
“Mom, do not cry, mom has been crying at the wedding, right? do not cry, I also endured it …… please do not cry ……”
watched silently shedding tears of mothers, ex really finally cried out. Well this time to become a true uncle who MinYu brother Xu Zhenyu came.
“brothers and sisters, how can such a good day crying! people Utsunomiya wistfully. faster car now! relatives barely a mother nor again ……”
gentle grace really 徐镇宇 Lanzhu shoulder before her car, opened the door for her. At this time people have been looking at the outside of the vehicle to seize ex-yu really hand, pulled her into the car.
“Yeah, how do you come now …… hey, are you crying?”
“hey, it’s clear that you cry.”
“Please leave me alone for a while!”
suddenly shouted her way to make people panic buildings, only to sit there in silence. Saw him like this, sitting on the front seat of his brother’s sister-in-law could not help but laugh softly.
“ah. brother …… sister-in-law! What laughing!”
“brother …… looks good ah.”
“Well what good! Ah …… laugh at me. Really. brother! I’ll drive! sister-in-law, to go faster. Come on!”
“You guys, you look carefully, this is my car, you guys you want to throw in my car at the airport? hey, you are the bad things.”
MinYu and quietly sat down.
unconsciously is the airport. They run and exit procedures on the plane. Find a seat to sit, the aircraft took off so soon introduce began. Well really be a stewardess with blankets ready for bed, and she is different, the people began to woo long honeymoon this particular situation brought excited anticipation. Then he stared at as if asleep like nonchalant grace true face.
like everyone else …… and live in harmony to chat how wonderful ……
staring at her face looked quite a while, he suddenly realize he is being forgotten something.
that is unrequited love. She still does not love her …… this dismal status quo ……
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unknowingly two to Hawaii. But I do not know why, China Yu pout, but said nothing.
see no reason he looked depressed, uh really understand the times not to disturb him. In the hotel as well. First he changed clothes out of the room. Was left in the empty room Well really, saying “hey. Do not understand,” comfortably took a bath, and then unwittingly fell asleep.
China Yu came to the hotel on the ground floor bar, drink a glass of gin on the back, the result is Helehaoji cup. So how lonely it, this feeling has been lingering mind. Into the living room, cool soap smell nostrils, China Yu was fascinated to follow the aroma away. Sleep unconscious woman at the center of much of the bed stretched into a large print, sleeping grace true. China Yu stared at her for a long time, thinking No, no, and then into the bathroom, took a shower out. Probably the last thirty minutes, and that did not change her position, and just the same.
“her husband came in, always make him feel some of the popularity it ……”
“Yeah, yeah! did not feel this woman! …… Today is our first night ah.”
MinYu think, it seems that he could not sleep that night sleep, it is estimated to be the name of Ke Shuidaotianliang. He Pingping while staying up late to turn in a circle while in the room.
“up! up!”
“Hey! has twelve o’clock! I’m hungry!”
grace really kicked the sleeping curled up on the sofa Man Yu. But China Yu motionless look, it took a while before they opened his eyes.
“Yeah …… you wake up?”
“on! Get up, I was hungry.”
“Oh, well …… you eat takeout I starve ……”
he threw toward the bed, and fell asleep. Well really call …… sigh, a man went out. When the Quartet began to darken, MinYu woke up, all of a sudden find yourself sleeping too late. And found this room there is no other person. Did not even put on clothes immediately ran out, I do not know where to run to find the grace really went.
Well really there to stroll here after a long time, went to the hotel near the seaside spread went. Well I really do not know (because English is not good), after sunset, the beach is a very dangerous place. Although it is a famous tourist spot, but said the beach is often a lot of bad guys, so long as an evening, essentially inaccessible it.
walked aimlessly on the beach grace true, but people do not but feel a very, very good. At this time, a man came up and said: “Excuse me ……”
Who …… Well really turned his head, “Oh, a Korean man?” the man said gently. Walawala all day listening to people talking in English, ex head should really exploded, did not expect to meet a Korean, uh really becomes a gas immediately.
“honeymoon is coming, right?”
“ah? do not …… it is not. term friend!”
“ah, yes ah, then, let’s look at interoperability name it. My name MinYu.”
“What? name is ……”
“Lee Min-woo. how?”
“ah …… Oh …… nothing, and I know the name of a person almost.”
“people you know? say there are other men you know it?”
“Haha, you look like athletes.”
“athlete? Ah …… I’m not that kind of guy, I have come to do business.”
“ah, eh? Well, let me say good-bye. friend to get some sleep, woke up did not not know.”
“Er er, tell me your name right! not you hear my name would escape it?”
“not trying to escape. Hello, my name is by the grace of true.”
“Ah …… You are too kind. has talked so long, I heard a ‘hello’, a little awkward. ah, yes, live a hotel?”
“Oh …… ah, nice beach, and no one ……”
“Oh …… Yes ah, I really do not understand how such a good place to be nobody.”
looked at this woman get to the bottom of his cross-examination, and quickly changed the subject, the way Lee Min-woo Hehedixiao. This is Li Yu
people who really is a sociable person. Chatted for a long time, now I really want to leave Grace, so please forgive me tell him to go. She suddenly stood up from his seat, shawl draped over shoulders snapped off. Was about to bend over to pick it up, Lee Min-woo has stood behind her, put on her shawl.
the other hand, the public buildings in a trance to find that true grace, will not be in ……

Fine mesh,uggs outlet, window eaves on white marble railings through the window falls mottled ground, on top of the clouds and Beaulieu seems in varying somewhat grim.
thuringiensis did not look back but also conceivable that the “crown prince” complacency expressions and the way in front of the crowd in fear of knees. After
brief silence, finally, “Prince,” the voice sounded again to: “nothing in this house know you just follow orders, the matter can not blame you, and you withdraw it!!!”
people have promised, and walked toward the Dianwai.
thuringiensis avoid the side,cheap ugg boors, watching the crowd gradually left fundus revealed two o’clock sun swayed Jinmang.
hall, “Crown Prince” disgruntled voice sounded: “Lin medical affairs, how can you not go?” This forest medical affairs, always looked good, always twisted her today how come?
“His Royal Highness Prince forgive me, Yan Xia Guan princess was brought up, so be sure to Yan Xia Guan Princess intact back, or else …… Wang Yan Xia Guan same can not explain!”
Lin Medical Administrative voice hardly ever, it was “Prince” split mouth interrupted: “This house is a scourge you do the authors would eat her??” Of course, she was anxious to eat her, but a lost art method, then She can not compete with people who live it live it!
she was alive, just to witness her glory!
“Lin medical affairs, without anyone with the Princess!” thuringiensis voice sounded faint, Lin Medical Administrative turned and saw she was leaning against the door, slightly sideways toward her opinion, under dark clouds, fog around their eyes with unknown a touch of cold smile, either the sun covered, also arrived, but the biting cold depths of the trace.
him slightly surprised: “! was” always is so proud of her, bones reveals indomitable pride, even lost art law, nor anyone still not be underestimated.
he knew, even if she lost the surgery method, Ziyang Miyaji how she can not be! Because, when a person does not care even his own life, when she has nothing to bondage.
But …… “worldly Andhra queen law, live Tathagata live Ching!”
many years ago, he was a proud disciple of Master medicine, in order not to disappoint the trust Master, his cruel treatment of the girl, many years later, here they obviously stood to the opposite sides of his fate Why …… Always put them in opposite ends of it?
Lin Medical Administrative bow,cheap uggs, retire out. back
Lin Medical Administrative disappeared around the corner, 苏云清 standing in the cold room door Mouguang swept the “crown prince”: “His Royal Highness Prince Edward, something?”
“Prince” a beautiful, slim figure, face outline fairly delicate, but the skin is rough, some thick stubble, his Adam’s apple larger than the ordinary person, and she feels is not commensurate with the overall silhouette. At this time, she came to the positive and negative hand toward thuringiensis, a dark undercurrent fundus crest, reveals Yin Zhi proud. She went to the front
thuringiensis: “thuringiensis, you have today! ‘voice is so obviously proud of her.
“You’re proud of?” thuringiensis unmoved, lazy leaning against the door frame, casually swept her face, “the surgeon is not all-powerful, and sometimes, people’s plan is the most important.”
thuringiensis fundus across the cold touch of decisive: the loss surgery method, she can still control their own lives, because, when I can not control, she would not hesitate to end it – she will not allow anyone to be in control her life. Prior to this, she will be properly alive to see them ruin, pay the due price for their ever done.
“Prince” seems somewhat surprised reactions such thuringiensis, her eyes flashed a hint of amazement: “Do not you sad?” surgeon surgery method to lose just as suddenly become an adult child, even the most basic self-protection capabilities are not she should not the despair, pain hysterical? She looked so indifferent thuringiensis
no wave look, some can not be reconciled.
“sad?” thuringiensis ask, “Why should I sad?”
“Prince” She walked slowly, eyes hint of inquiry: “You have lost a repair, why should not hurt?”
“loss surgery method should be hurt? only do I think I am worth something, anything reincarnation, always have to pay to get lost? how can we know it is not you get?” blessing in disguise blessing in disguise, she is not willing to lose that a repair, however, has lost, it was her own choice, there is nothing sad.
people always want to look to the future instead?
thuringiensis watching “Prince” dim eye, slowly: “! should be sad, not me, but you.”
saw the “crown prince” moment, revealing a hint of fundus stunned, then, would laugh. A long while, she Renzhao Xiao meaning: “You’re crazy not to hurt the palace Why??”
thuringiensis looked at her, smiled slowly, her voice seemed to flow out from the depths of hell, dark deep, with the power to destroy everything: “You are his daughter, imperious princess, how noble, from you and have hairpin How many young people come here, but who knows you from the age of eight, they can not enjoy the glory of being imperious princess, stood admiration of countless people, but you can only elderly people with a dusk each other, and this the elderly, or your biological father. “
thuringiensis lips smiling, eyes faint water swept “Prince” rough face, soft muffled words seemed Fengrui blade, knife knife refused to admit the hearts of Ziyang Miyaji, refused to think about things unraveling cruel peel: “In the past, your mother is to curb this Bulunzhilian, so let your practice of sorcery, not wishing, you catch a youthful beauty as a woman, men are not men and women do not get female, still could not escape the doom! “
“By the way, you are one with the mother rivalry feel?” thuringiensis slow deep voice, stopped at the “crown prince” of the ears, but nothing less than shaking thunder.
“Prince”, no, Ziyang Miyaji, she looked thuringiensis, showing a touch wary heads in horror: “? you, what are you saying I do not understand ……” thuringiensis, clouds son, how she knew these things? Is she a fairy? No, no …… she just surgeon! But …… Is the surgeon practice to a certain extent, can really know everything?
these things are unwilling to face the pain in her heart, knowing that this is wrong, but because of confusion soul soup, she could not escape Ren Xuan chase, even willing to go up against.
she did not dare to think deeper, she deceive ourselves, as long as happy enough – she suddenly looked thuringiensis, eyes dull knife Fengrui surging Rays.
how she knew? How dare? She is not afraid of his own rage broken her neck yet? She is not lost
surgery method yet? How dare be so arrogant?
Ziyang Miyaji looked thuringiensis, body trembling slightly, eyes constantly blinking, as if the fear of anger rolling Roughs overwhelming.
“do not understand it does not matter!” as if no thuringiensis, straightened slowly toward her closer, “This is worth mentioning! often said that love is regardless of age, gender, country of …… Of course, perhaps, also You can, regardless of blood if he really loves you, you can ranked first in his mind, everything can be considered worthy, but when he had promised to give you covet your throne, he mercilessly refrigerated up to you together. “
“He called you, is how Hande? do you remember?” thuringiensis raised lips touch cruel smile, Ziyang Miyaji thunder thunder that strikes the brain, heart, what began to collapse, she looked panic, but could not say a word.
in her eyes, as if a devil thuringiensis, step by step approach her, her heart the most unbearable, the most sordid, most do not want to face the side exposed.
“smiled, he wants you to smile and you just substitute someone else in his eyes.”
“These, worth it?”
“Do not you be upset?”
thuringiensis step by step, step by step Ziyang Miyaji staggered backwards. She suddenly felt an indescribable suffering heart attack up, she suddenly and loudly: “You know what is not so?!”
“is not it?” thuringiensis sneer.
“He loves me, he has been in love with me ……” Ziyang Miyaji looked thuringiensis, as if to convince himself, said a single word.
thuringiensis contemptuous sneer: “You fool ourselves into such a degree, are also considered wonderful!”
Ziyang Miyaji breathe a two-tone, Yin Zhi eyes cheerful hatred toward her over here, cold voice asked, “how do you know that?” If it is not her, how she got to ……
thuringiensis lips smile profound, chilling: “Do you remember, 12 years ago Su Fei empress it?” some things, but also let her know!
she believes her message alive once let Ziyang Miyaji know, for her, this is a big hit!
“You are ……” Sure enough, Ziyang Miyaji pupil suddenly shrunk, “No! you are not her ……” Su Fei, the memory of that rivalry is always a woman and mother Princess, she has a daughter, was very Fu Huang was the pet, she was very jealous, so too do when their pet when unscrupulous should remove her.
Later, she was taken away by the Grand Master, who did drugs, and then later, Su Fei forbidden even intruded rescued her …… but she still did not escape his palm, along with Su Fei together, died in the magic Teach St. Woodside Yadi.
“She was my mother!” thuringiensis teeth, lengli Mouguang with a touch of the gas fired Ziyang yin evil ruler.
“You are …… Su Fei’s daughter?” Ziyang Miyaji suddenly stared, staggering muttered, “how is this possible?” She was already dead, how could still be alive?
“Why impossible?”
“You’re dead …… I’ve seen you and your mother’s corpse!” Ziyang Miyaji confusion, eyes flickering looked thuringiensis, “No, you are the son of cloud ……”
“Ha ha ha ……” thuringiensis suddenly laughed, eyes misty layer of mist, “is dead, how? surgeon you are, does not know the art of Dead pour soul!”
“pour soul beads?” Ziyang Miyaji teeth chattering, “You …… you are …… no, no ……” Before condensate spirit beads she took, she has been in existence, and she is not the soul of beads gathered from condensate soul.
“I am a man!” thuringiensis looked Ziyang Miyaji shaking, teeth chattering appearance, coldly, “My mother is a descendant of the Tianshan Jianpai, pour soul beads Tian Bao town of Pine Jianpai. was You take so long, the total of the restitution it! “
“I just wanted to let you know that night more than a way to go, eventually met a ghost!” thuringiensis finished, and do not want to dwell on what Ziyang Miyaji, turned and walked toward the Dianwai.
“in the end what you want to do?” Ziyang Miyaji is thuringiensis some bombing, while a heart dismay raised up high.
thuringiensis pull off the chill touch of fundus flashed, she looked back at Ziyang Miyaji lightly: “I just want to tell you that I’m alive, I do not get back the price you should pay before, be sure to live well! “
Ziyang Miyaji looked Dianwai walked toward thuringiensis, heart shocked.
cloud sky son surgery method is that she can never match, so she would rather kill her. Not wanted, she turned her …… vague memory, she remembered her name, peace!
she had no idea how the cloud actually is her son! It seems that they are born enemies!
If so, how can she letting her leave? Moreover, she knows everything.
“presumptuous!” Ziyang Miyaji finally tore off his mask, shouted, her hand, a brief go towards thuringiensis throat, deep voice with a touch of Yinhen, “This is your own death wish!” know the truth of people, one can not live!
thuringiensis body dexterity of a turn, avoid Ziyang Miyaji’s talons.
her white stained Shuanghua, a cold, stand sideways in front of the sun shine down from the outside, reflected in her face, reflecting the bright light, people can not see her face.
“You will be martial arts?” Ziyang Miyaji moment, it seems staggering – she could escape her a hit?
Guards surgeon is to exist, so the practice of surgery method, they can no longer repair the internal forces. Some patients martial law being more demanding, requiring not be martial arts disciple. But thuringiensis escape action, she did not see how she is to escape, if not she will be martial arts, then there is a possible ……
Ziyang Miyaji heart shocked, struggling to be thrown out of the mind that idea – but the surgeon BLUELOVER predators, how could someone in the BLUELOVER also retains surgery method?
thuringiensis restored lazy senseless way, she seems to see their thoughts, kindly explained to her and said: “This girl grumpy unruly, informal secular, that would be some effort to make some outdated things, but also surprising! “
Ziyang Miyaji eyes winking at her as if to say, “You have so kindly with me to tell the truth?”
thuringiensis care smile, to have this effect – half-truths, tangled her die!
Ziyang Miyaji strike again, in the hands of a black light to practice as if a dragon coming towards thuringiensis Pentium – This time, she did not take it lightly, she spent ten Kazunari skill!
“The Palace is the crown prince, the future emperor justifiably, you dare speak to the palace, is disrespectful to the Palace This palace to kill you, is not an exaggeration!”
thuringiensis cry Di Hu: “ah ……” She did not think Ziyang Miyaji suddenly angry, heart surprised, but it was too late, the black train around her neck on her a tight collar, a light body, suddenly volley, pending react, Ziyang Miyaji palm has close to her neck.

one hundred thirty nine chapters insidious mind
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However, Ziyang Miyaji late happy to speak in front of a flower, sharp silver flash, she just felt a sharp pain palm until react, Bt has moved away a few Zhang Yuan, wide sleeves lightly between a cold , looks frost. Mark? Ba? Dawn
Ziyang Miyaji Menheng soon, suddenly withdraw his hand, hugged his right hand.
her hand joints clear, pale a bit too much on the back impressively wound a long, dark red blood bubbling out positive, Suddenly looked somewhat shocking. She looked at the palm of his own blood
cross-flow, fundus touch of surprise: “You do not lose the repair?” Qianlong in the deep, she admitted that it was his finest creations, patients who are more than enough to deal with, how can she avoid?
Ziyang Miyaji eyes flashed staggering turn, alert and vigilant eyes.
“against you, what with the surgery method?” thuringiensis lazy voice with the usual arrogant.
her dark eyes sparkling touch into circulation, the depths of the mysterious golden faint flickering. That moment, she almost felt from Ziyang Miyaji palm uploaded to the cold sharp, her heart burst badly nausea coming in, unconscious, she made a subconscious action. Under
wide sleeves, clenched her hands razor.
from Dianwai wind howled, her white Yi Mei flying, hair-filled, cold sun shines on her face, as if the Fairy. Rustled in the wind, she finally remembered that she is not just the surgeon, who, still a superb swordsman swordsmanship. That year, promised in front of the Cloud Gate grateful disciple apprentice, she self-inflicted tendons, eternity can not practice internal forces, and promised to master these exquisite moves all forget – although she later knew Master just in front of the door people Yilaomailao, put on a straight face, private public gambling house is long, but she also never forget this oath, abruptly wonderful tricks Tianshan Jianpai foes archived. When …… not to think that when life and death moment when those hidden in the depths of memory to find the correspondence actually saved his life.
is a mother somewhere bless yourself?
her lips lazy smile revealing a touch of misty nothingness.
“Yung -! Yuan” Suddenly, Ziyang Miyaji Mouzhong touch deep smile, clothes

Although no longer under him bleed.

but how can we know not already drained relationship?

“A cigarette A cigarette! A smoke!”

He tried to call her, but she slightly Bileyanjing.

do not answer one.

then touch pulse, intermittent, almost can not feel it.

“A cigarette A cigarette …… you then hold on. then hold on!”

wind between January glass pale, desperately calling her.

desperate to convey the internal forces in the past.

want to lift her a little fire of life.

“a beautiful fireworks fireworks …… ah …… Vatican incense, you never take me to read ……”

wind Ling smoke pale little mouth suddenly muttered out so one.

eyes tear slide down.

palm feebly fall.

head slowly drooped, a hair drawn. Motionless ……

wind between January and one black glass eyes,

a take her pulse, already stopped beating.


You’re late!

his heart almost stopped beating.

hand exploration of the probe her breath, has not breathing,

he shouted: “A cigarette A cigarette!”

but let him call again Sounds Wan sound, she can no longer answer ……


door was forced open an energetically.

Palace submerged street buttressed by an breeze anxious to break into.

originally weather turns warm again.

his body was drenched in sweat the whole, like a fish out of the water.

The sight made him instantly as being struck by lightning, his face bloody do fade.

pace of life and Dayton in there.

whole body froze and could not be moved,uggs outlet!

wind between January glass wind Ling cigarettes sitting holding a pool of blood, motionless.

heard the news, Kazama glass moon rise,

always expressionless face at the moment even tears throughout,cheap ugg boors, authentic single word: “You’re late!”

his face like tears are also deemed to laugh,cheap uggs.

no one person’s death will bring him such a big shock.

wind Ling smoke is worried about his only person in this world,

today, it only took care also ……

“A smoke!”

Palace submerged street seems like no smell, came step by step: “?? her …… how she slept and slept.”

dare to say that the most frightening fact, as if in self-deception.

“She’s dead!”

January glass wind between
briefly out such a sentence.

voice hidden hint of desperation, as fragile as glass.

like to take a hammer head was a hammer blow.

Palace street submerged body flashed a flash

Zhang of the mouth, it seems to say something, but could not.

staggered a few steps, rushed over: “! Hu …… blah roll …… Go away!”

beat the glass Kazama months away.

wind Ling cigarettes in his arms.

hold him as tight, students like to take her into his flesh into Le.

her eyes slightly together, motionless.

looks like asleep.

only, not breathing, no heartbeat.

“A cigarette, A cigarette, you look at me, I’m coming, I’ll save you, will save you!”

even point fingers countless silver needle down …… ……


wake up, you wake up ah

gone a day later, the palace submerged street still busy.

his pale as snow, eyes like deep black ink.

who brought panacea can save lives fall into place for her to feed into it.

but she did not swallow anyway.

He even kissed her cold lips, sent by internal forces to the inside.

but those drugs only to be forced down his throat, but in the neck in the choke.

he spent a very big effort, just to help her get down.

been by a hand on her back after endless conveyor into the internal forces.

but all efforts are like a dead letter, but no little effect.

“A smoke woke ah! do not sleep and you said to wait for me. was not? you promised me as long as I do not mess with peach, you’ll never leave me. you already had promised.”

“A cigarette, I Kitamiya Seiji is acting, ah, you know, right? I did not betray you, so you can not go back!”

“A cigarette, wake up, you wake up ah!”

Ningmu he looked at her.

only hope she can hear his call, it will open your eyes glancing look on.

“A cigarette, you see a good or bad? …… as long as one long enough.”

his request still small.

long as she can move a bit eyelids, will be able to give him hope.

he claims to immortality geniuses, but they save the wake of the most beloved people ……

“Palace brother, A cigarette girl has to go, you do not ……”

Lie clouds could not resist opening.

Palace submerged street but seems like no smell, simply ignore him.

desperately Windward Lingyan vivo delivery of internal forces ……

body stiff wind Ling smoke, no breathing, no heartbeat. Covered with ice.

is a child can see that she has been dead for a long time.

But the geniuses who did not know the students like. Doing useful work in vain ……

while submerged palace fingertips, it seems even stranger than her cold body -

“Palace brother, useless, you can not just spend the internal forces in vain ……”

martial arts generally see the internal forces are more important than anything, can not easily consumed.

but Palace submerged street was like crazy, desperate internal forces will be valuable to a dead body transport.

He is geniuses, should be used to see life and death, how could so take it seriously?

beautiful little girl, do not sleep

“Palace brother, you see, A cigarette girl’s body has been stiff ……”

Lie clouds could not stand.


Palace submerged street palm shoot in the past: “Go!”

Lie Clouds shocked, hurriedly flash.

Palace submerged street that beat Zhang Feng-off, the house’s marble screen moments in two parts.

crashed to the ground, broken into pieces!

apparently he did not show mercy this beat!

“Who Say A smoke is not good, all shall be no survivors!”

Palace submerged street Mouguang cold sharp knife. Murderous pervades the whole body.

wind Ling looked down into the blue smoke pale face, whispered:. “Ah smoke just fell asleep …… let her sleep sleep sleep sleep like like ……”

crowd: “……”

Palace submerged street would not be crazy, right?


front is a blurry white.

Ling wind that white smoke floating about as forward.

as if unwilling ears hear a sound like the call: “Ah Ah cigarette smoke!!”

cold magnetic sound familiar, it seems full of endless pain ……

him! Is he coming! He finally came up!

her lips, and, suddenly really want to cry.

body but nothing like a wisp of smoke had barely embodied shape.

simply say this without tears.

positive trance, a ringing sound in the ears vague: “!! your original does not belong to this world, go back go back to where everything is forgotten, which is not supposed to be part of your memories ……”

She froze a moment, a sudden gust of wind blew over, roll her straight into the sky ……


“smoke Ling Ling smoke, wake up, wake up, you have slept long enough!”

ears a voice as sweet as the cello.

“beautiful little girl, do not sleep, do not sleep, then sleep on signs that hit me up!”

and a voice sounded. Lazy, very magnetic.

“flower hold on, are you a man seemingly incomplete credit, right? without my spiritualism, she did not wake up.”


I saved your life, but you gave me a bar …

“flower hold on, are you a man seemingly incomplete credit, right? without my spiritualism, she did not wake up.”

another one voice sounded.

gentle sounds, spoken words, but chilly.

wind Ling cigarettes subconsciously opened his eyes, to see who is gung noise in their ears.

eyes see is an enlarged, Empress Dowager handsome face.

that face away from their so close.

wind Ling cigarettes can even draw a few lashes on his beautiful eyes!

“ho!” Life is not being so close too!

lecher? !

wind Ling cigarettes subconsciously palm shoot in the past!

smoke generally goes down her handsome face Zhangfeng floating out.

“amazing girl! I saved your life, but you gave me a slap! no loss is a killer temper, vengeance!”

Ling cigarettes a stiff wind, small hand suddenly was holding: “! Ling smoke, you finally woke up.”

wind Ling look past the smoke down the arm, stared, eat authentic: “The old …… boss!”

man a simple shirt trousers, handsome face, but Kiyotaka.

is her boss flames AU – Qin curtain speech.

“Ling smoke, you wake up just fine.”

Qin curtain made sigh of relief, brow finally relax.

“small senior sister apprentice, you are the stupid girl, drink wine can drink yourself into a vegetative state, and the world as well as what your stupid killer?!”

a voice intervening, bluntly scolded her.

eye lift wind Ling cigarettes look, to see the smile of 2008 Meng days stuck in a pocket hand easily, ruffian ruffian at her.

“Well, well, Ling smoke woke up just fine. small eight, you do not reprove her.”

gentle Kate interjected.

wind Ling smoke stunned surprised a moment, eyes quickly swept away in the room.

boss, the day mounted, Meng day laughing, Kate ……

of the year is almost not touch these people actually all together here.

Please complete than even under the posts!

addition to the members of their organization’s flames, there are two other people can not be ignored.


this today. Well, according to his original idea finally wrote back. I know for sure there will be many parents call me a stepmother. But after all, this outcome was buried in front of a lot of foreshadowing, the words do not always feel the waste.

assured, no matter how much abuse the process, the outcome is always good. Wood is the modus operandi of the storm went through, to finally be able to see the rainbow drops.

guy the whole world have come to her here?

a silver-haired, good-looking pair of eye was a bit too much, even slightly evil.

one pair of fox eyes, eye end and narrow on the pick.

even without any expression, and the eyes will leak out of touch Erotic means.

dress simple but yet elegant, yet casual look lazy.

lips faint smile, with a bit of cynicism taste.

shiny slender fingertips turning a silver needle.

another person looks gentle.

lips smile, a nice pair of eyes narrow but beautiful.

face such as Guan Yu, luxuriant lightly, like a gentleman, but the whole body of the gas field did not allow anyone to ignore!

Halo, what day is today?

how the whole world have come to the guy she come here?

wind swept Lingyan subconsciously, this was not found himself in his own dwelling, but instead in a deluxe ward.

white walls, crisp white linens, crystal chandeliers, marble table, both like the bedroom, but also like the ward.

“I …… how am I here?”

are so many handsome crowd, the wind felt very uncomfortable Lingyan, busy sat up.

“Ling smoke, do not move! you just woke up, the body is still very weak.”

been indifferent Qin curtain made hand hold her.

Ling cigarettes a stiff wind, the boss looked terrified.

boss – he is the turn of this yet?

how to be so concerned about her?

Meng day laughing whistled: “Little senior sister apprentice, this time you can put all spooked look, Millennium iceberg boss enthusiastic …… you are.”

nipped in behind the nonsense boss sharp knife in the eye.

call, or do not touch the tiger ass. Angered the boss is not fun.

“Ling smoke, you do not remember the former things?”

Qin curtain opening statement.

wind Lingyan rubbed his forehead, head to speak babble, a blank.

and carefully thought a moment, he seems to be drinking at a bar, drinking drinking will know nothing ……

shook her fist!

wine bar that will not leave the bar? !

methanol against the?


Cheng pulls later

depriving she almost became a vegetable!

, etc., in a vegetative state? !

how long she was unconscious in the end?

words blurted out: “What time?”

boss subconsciously looked at the wall clock: “half past three p.m. ……”

“No, I was asked the date.”

“Now is April 2, 2011.”

the silver-haired man eyes flashed a touch of fun, lazily replied.

wind Lingyan moment, she remembers her time drinking in the bar is February 2.

say – she was in a coma for more than two months?

wind Ling face black smoke.

damn alcohol, has allowed her to do two months in a vegetative state!

she would stand up out of bed.

“small senior sister apprentice, you catch where this is going?”

Meng day laughing at her in surprise.

in a coma for two months so people can roam, you can really let his admiration.

“I pick up that bar! actually gave me fake drink!”

wind Ling smoke bitterly.

“do not go. boss is put there to pick up, not that you drink alcohol, just add a little seasoning …… boss Zacheng that bar is broken it up ……”

Meng day laughing answer, think about the scene that day still haunt the boss that day good horror!

“Little Eight, you do not talk to no one when you are dumb!”

boss opening cold, icy tone of the frozen smile Meng days a shiver.

did not dare to speak.

“Ling smoke, what do you eat? I’ll buy you.”

boss fell faster than the open book.

just still cold knife, turned around immediately and gentle down.

eyes in mild water.

wind Lingyan life and called the Cold War.

used to see

Lee’s mouth choking sound.

streamer deep breath, a child really is ridiculous, thinking that he is not too long did the WTO,uggs outlet, and out of touch with the outside world, or how to keep up with mortal thinking of it.

“girl ……”

“girl on girl, add a little character to do? look down on people?”

“girl, back before the Master, what are you going?” listening to the sound of the passing of some teeth, smile twisted up, obviously the way though a little headstrong, but fairly obedient little guy, how a leave Master of sight on the claws up!

is not cute! Sure enough, on behalf of a child in trouble!

“say so early enough.” Su-Wan rolled his eyes, sat down cross-legged table, one hand supporting his chin in one hand and knock knock on the knee ah, “Go, bring me hot, dusty way, go wash up for dinner, I eat appetizers head, Pork, Sin soup, boiled shrimp …… eat dessert jade Hua Gao, orange flavor to more …… “

here Su Wan still licking his lips a la carte, there streamer hear half of her face Qinghei already gone out.

Well, let this bother another troublesome to deal with it!

“Oh, I did not point dish finished yet!” Su Wan waved shouted, natural light is not called reflux, she Pieliaopiezui, “really like plump buns apprentice, even so do not get angry, honest people bully them boring …… “

Su Wan muttered, turning jumped off the table, hands behind them wandering in the house.

a lot of good things Well, that is not open bracelet, no space loaded!


Su Wan small hall to the main hall wandering hands from the Treasure House of Bai Yulian a lost touch, climb on to put the statue sculpture table, staring at the back of the life-sized portrait hanging in Figure Xiqiao.
cliffs, ancient Panasonic two fairy playing chess, one of Tsing Yi, one of the red, red, red as fire, Tsing have seemed indistinct trees, Qingyi Ren smiling lips look indifferent, red man scratching sleeve hidden pieces, pines grow wild on the trunk, but also a sloppy Taoist sitting, holding wine gourd, being bent over and looked at the two men playing chess laugh, distant mountains looming, misty clouds, only a few crane dance.

“Sansen chart?!”

Su-Wan looked at paintings, looking dignified.

Sansen figure, she worked at the Guards had seen, but also a special copy of the chaos seen in Uncharted. In front of the site, looking like someone from copying, smooth strokes better than askew, a little feeling of life, but whether the composition or painting, even distant three cranes, both with full memory coincidence.

“Why Guards chaos copy of Uncharted xanthan map will appear here? Guards with the world what is the link?”

Su Wan full of doubt,cheap ugg boors, can not help but wonder whether he is not wearing the Guards to the world, but this self-cultivation sector are not open map is hidden copy ……

or -

Su Wan suddenly emerge a more incredible idea, perhaps Guards are made out in accordance with the real world, the development of the game is immortal, that corresponds to this world, otherwise how would so much like? !

that way, then, the two worlds can be figured she might have a chance to go home!

thought of this, Su Wan excited.

home, many wonderful words! Like with the old grandfather birthday, age can not be known, but as good physical condition with the young man, to live a few decades should be a cinch, she tried it, maybe have a chance to go home to tell my grandfather that the two couples like!

Su Wan fist with both hands, head shot golden, passion.

Of course, the most important thing is to get a clear idea of ​​where he comes from this picture!

“…… Hey! Can you hear me? respond to the point okay! beauty is not to be ancestral to the fans dizzy? still being drawn demon soul sucked ……”

Su Wan wake up from the fantasy world, the ears it sounded chatter of talking and turned to look, speak of a thirteen-year-old girl,cheap uggs, thick eyebrows, forehead reveals British Gas, a neat Xuanqing brilliant clothing, head Two wore on packet header, with two pairs of Su-Wan, like hanging bells jingling when tilted.

“Yeah!” big eye girl exclaimed aloud, his face shine bright smile, “You look so cute, watery eyes, doll house than Moyu better looking! smiled, smiled and gave me a look . “

Su Wan Shuangshoubaoxiong, raised his chin, elongated voice asked: “Who are you?”

“!! Yeah will speak, too cute” girl holding cheeks and big eyes cheer, realize that their gaffe, put down your hand, Qing Ke twice cleared his throat, pretending to be serious and said: “I am your sister Ping Mo the future is your senior sister apprentice, Master said let me take you to play, down, come down, altar can not play, see the Master is in trouble! “

“sit high and see far above the scenery, you should not come to try, anyway, and no one else here.” Su-Wan sat founder statue legs, grabbed the altar with dried fruit, towards Ping Mo hook hook fingers.

Ping foam heart itch, so furtive look, go shut the door, then jumped on the altar, overlooking the kiosks, sighed and said: “really is not the same feeling now become a patron deity as if they are in the following line of brothers Baili the better! ancestral ancestral ah, a lot of you are adults, broad-minded, I take you a place to sit disciples will not mind it. “Hey smile, touch the statues, pushed Su Wan sat down beside her, took a fruit open bite:. “Centennial Zhu Guo, ancestral, anyway, you can not eat, disciple help you ah, so wasteful, not to speak is promised, hey.”

Su Wan Ping escaped foam juice dripping claws, asked: “Who are you? master is”

“streamer real master is, but I like to call him the passing of his brother, his most nagging.” Ping Mo Qi moving his hands, vowing to Su Wan pinched cheeks, “Sister Do not stingy, so I squeezed Well, to see not soft and slippery and tender! Moyu take you wait for the next house to play Oh! “

“turned out to be for him, he did pretty bitch, hey!” Su Wan plugs into the arms of a few Zhu fruit and nuts holding the loaded tray lotus feet high next hop, smiled and said: “But I He is not the master, I was plump bun is tied back when the old man gluttonous disciples, after you call me aunties know? small Shi Zhi! “

“???! plump buns gluttonous old saying is Shizu you” Ping Mo Hearing this, do not get angry, but eye-catching, swoop to the Su-Wan, Xi said: “Sister, you are tied to the original come? Me too! I am also ah! I had to go misty Asgard, there is beauty, a beauty that can live in the martial art was simply too beautiful, surrounded by happy! him so ugly, I do not want him! Fortunately, the Master looks pretty nice brother …… “

Su Wan Ping Mo grabbed the arm of his head and smile: “!! Pingping ah, the same world who we really destined to work together after it.”

“What work?”

“To make plump buns know, casually tied to people is wrong, it is immoral to force others to coach, we work hard now! actually remove the beard and fat, his facial features are also good, so give him lose weight ……”

[Thank month only, Muzi abundance of color, Mi Mu Feng soot  drought forced Paul? Dances with the shape of the peace symbol ~ ~ ~]

mountain veins ninth eight volumes three days back and vows to hate

ninth eight back and vows to hate

Ping Mo think she got a friend, confidant though this seems a bit small.

she asked: “How old are you?”

Su Wan raised an eyebrow, raised his chin and said: “If I say I’ve twenty-five you believe it?”

Ping Mo Su Wan looked over than the height of two people, Suwan Gang good to her chest, her crooked head tilt, head hanging bag jingle bells sound, “although it looks like, but still believe you! then eat a lot of the inside of the elixir of immortality and man, you are not eating the wrong thing to grow up? do not be sad, when the child is fine, if I could grow up just fine, do not learn this and that, you can play every day, see the beauty hug or two and nobody will say anything …… “

face Ping Mo envy plus sad eyes, Su-Wan grinned.

when the child is also an advantage, you can regard the weak, paralyzed the enemy, by the way play pig eat tiger.

and a small make up right, his head against the head, shook the general appearance of the bells jingle bell sounds, crow, laughing, alliance, vowing lessons plump buns, act quickly.

by force, not the two add up to an enemy opponent, after discussion, decided to start from his place – such as poison!

too obvious not poison the enemy is not a fool, so the best is the composite poison, not a single drug, even good for the body, but some mix of efficacy is very satisfactory.

Croton, is a good thing clear the stomach, small amount of food can be used as lose weight, eat lots of careful prolapse or hemorrhoids.

comprehension for those who do not rely on it to refraining from eating grain of absorption of food nutrients of life, so that life becomes a source of vitality to maintain the essence of heaven and earth, that is Reiki, commonly known as meal drink dew wind, gastrointestinal services only when swallowed panacea cure digestive function provided , normally drink Hexibeifeng on the full.

gluttonous old man is the master, the master of hundreds of years of refraining from eating grain, stomach in addition to some vestiges of immortality residue outside empty, Croton eat this stuff even if it can not reflect the value, after Su Wan do with the passing of real experiments confirm collect along the way The few people who do not eat beans for invalid, so with Ping Mo drugs to start looking over the mountain.

perhaps God older, very boring too busy like to see them, so love to get good luck, in all likelihood lead to worldly things not as we wish.
Royal Lingfeng metal beneath
spiritual vein, mountains of gold too strong, Jian Qi majestic, rugged mountains, boulders, etc. in addition to the common pine trees, rare flowers, medicine is hard to find a living. More unfortunate is that, they have not put together the hands of the drug, gluttonous old man on the back, the Su-Wan to chamber a carry, what league, what lessons under the powerful force of oppression have become empty talk!

“worship it.”

gluttonous old man sitting cross-legged on the bed of jade, behind hanging pieces Sansen map, he pointed to the futon.

“I have only one master, Cloud Gate Qing Qing Hui.” Su Wan stubborn to die with no kneeling.

“You have no choice, thanks!” gluttonous good old torn face mask, Chen Sheng said, fingers playing a bit.
Su Wan
a pain in the legs, knees a soft thump kneel down, knees hit heavily on the futon, listen to that voice, do not look, must have been green. There seems depressed mountain shoulders, forcing her down, her hands propped ground, Yingkang coercion, managed to raised his head, staring stubbornly gluttonous old man, his eyes intense hatred almost magic into flame, the other burning baking powder.

Su-Wan never like this clarity ‘hate’ is a kind of mood.

her childhood was dislodged parents, raised by a grandfather, my grandfather was a very serious although very serious person, and did not put her into a spoiled princess queen, but have never had any grievance, the only setback is met Chen Tianming, said is a setback, but rather that failed, her feelings for Chen Tianming is not too deep, but most injuries are self-esteem, she was angry, but not hate.

kneeling knees knelt grandfather day, far more than her knee and some gold, Ching-fai old apprentice that is just, Romans, her voluntary, but now, the sting is Life knees creaking spine, back mountains and heavier, arms numb, unable to support the body gradually Fudao, from the ground getting closer.


forehead touches the ground.

Su Wan suddenly lost the mood of resistance, the people fell to the ground, as if * controlled puppet like, pound and two sound, thanks to the end of the three, Bai Li completed his shoulders mountains disappear, Su Wan climb up hands in the ground too hard because skin abrasions, looks bloody, it was terrible.

her gently toward the palm of breath, pain in the hands and knees makes the eyes of a hot, my heart especially aggrieved.

kneel, kowtow.

two words originally meant insulting, especially or involuntary.

She hated the old man gluttonous, a silent vow: let the dead fat someday her kneeling kowtow! These humiliating ten times your money back!

she hated his useless, if strong enough, no one would dare to force ……

“sects worship in the old lady, you feel wronged?”

Su Wan civil disobedience, do not say anything.

gluttonous old man did not care, waved to throw a piece of jade Jane, took a tough stance, said:. “Your old lady grievance committee does not matter, but from now on, you renamed PASSING, attend this power law.”

Su Wan Yu Jane falls without looking in front to continue toward the palm whirring.

gluttonous old man waited a long while, see Su-Wan is still not to react, grunted, his hands pinch tactics, a clear light falls Su Wan body.

Su Wan frowned, the body appears strange, imprison their rope tied cents seemed to come alive, is slowly tightening, tightening …… She bit her lower lip, the groans of extreme pressure to the mouth down, but Sound can be depressed, but the pain can not be depressed, it seems to be grated like bones, severe pain, ear can hear the sound of broken Kaka, the front of a black.

too much pain, the pain too!

Su Wan bite the lower lip bleeding, heart silent cry.

quenching body than mine robbed a hundred times Shihai pain, body pain when quench meat, bone pain now, she wanted to beg for mercy, would like to say throw in the towel, but do not know why, mercy, then that is spit out.

gluttonous old man rolling on the ground looking at little children, whole body sweat dripping, hair tangled in the face, lips bitten blood over the neck into the body, eyes wide open, such as the edges of the deep black eyes, do not look bottomed out. Bondage rope tied cents, enough to make a lot of big men cried and cried for mercy, to the front of this child, beginning to end, not even a hum none came.

but a child, even has a one proud? !

of living for centuries for him, five-year-old Ye Hao, Ye Hao Ershiwuliu are children.

gluttonous old man’s heart slightly startled, Nianzhao beard laughing.

If this is a child, then maybe will succeed.

he reckoned bomb, relax bondage rope tied cents.

“servers are clever, you have no choice.”

pain instantly disappeared, but the trembling of the body sometimes can not quell, Su Wan paralyzed on the ground, panting, brain unusually calm, wiped the blood with the back of her lips, staggered to his feet.

Yes, this is not the Earth, not the expansion of Soviet forces family to another world, will not save her grandfather, servers are clever, there is no choice.

Su Wan Yu-Jane bent down to pick up, looked up to the old man gluttonous, “Well, I do, but you do not untie rope tied cents, how do I learn?”

“not early enough so obedient, well-behaved children.” gluttonous Nianxu old man smiled, one hand to pinch a few tactics toward Su-Wan a throw, “as a teacher untied the rope tied cents imprisonment, you can take It is the practice, as long as you listen, it will not recklessly. “

Su-Wan felt the flow of real dollars, Yuan Ying’s strength back, could not help fretting mind, eyes flashing up next moment, a sudden pain in the head, but more and more intense, then under guard, forbearance Well do not live out loud, holding his head as if to explode, heads Vengeful look to gluttonous old man.

“Do not see it as a teacher, as a teacher will not bear.” gluttonous old Xiaotan, under the jade bed, gently stroking Su-Wan’s head, lifted her face, and agreeable, said: “good boy, you’re smart, tough, more important is a good qualification for teachers reluctant to let you go, obedient, obedient not hurt. “

Perhaps Monkey magic spell attack is such that it is in deep sorrow.

“I listen, I learn ……”

Su Wan succumbed.

“Zhenguai.” gluttonous old man touch Su-Wan’s head, smiling eyes are narrowed.

anshuge, com * see \\ ^ * Book Club * “Joy said softly and closed his eyes,” Hope is a beautiful girl, Mingyi always liked her. “


?? Nicole suddenly look damn face, then a heavy nod, picked up the arm,cheap ugg boors, she used to be looking out and this woman is obviously still in love with the people, have to take him away fooling What logic Well it is.


?? “That is something to tell him you’re pregnant slightly. “


??” Did not want him to know. “


??” You’d better think clearly, I think things are not as simple as you imagine, a child is not a person you do. “


??” You do not persuade me, no matter what you say I will not listen. “This is Joy’s principles, regardless of who’s advice she will not listen.


?? Nicole crazy, where it is called to discuss things with people?” You stubborn people hate, I do not care a. “


?? City


?? Silence of the house yard burst of rapid footsteps came directly to the master bedroom.


??” Madam, small extension master back. “After knocking into the Pan aunt, and a look of joy report the news.


?? Lying in bed, a small dance being bored lazy waving a comic book, looking sleepy, After hearing quickly raised his head, “ah! “Eyes blinked and straightened up,” Why I do not know if he came back today, how no one told me. / reading Pavilion * “She is dreaming right?


?? See his wife look silly Pan aunt’s enthusiasm suddenly cooled down, she started for his reckless remorse, stammered the road, “I’m sorry, you rest, I go ……”


?? yes, after all, not a real mother ah, how could happily together? such a relationship would be more sensitive to it, to see her Really old and confused.


?? “Pan aunt, I want you to take him up ah. “


??” Ah, he would not interfere with the rest to his wife, I think, or wait until dinner time goodbye, then master it back. “


??” No, ah, I want to see him. “But he is now reduced mobility.


?? At this time, the door there was a steady figure, a pair of eyes peering calmly watching the pregnant woman in bed,” little sister dance. “


??” Small extension, come! “Tut tut, this guy is this virtue! Yaochun little dance and laugh,” is the sudden decision for you, why did not you listen to your daddy or mommy mentioned that you will come back. “


??” I see you, is a temporary decision. “Summer Rio walked over and stood beside the bed,” how are you doing now? “


??” Oh, look at me,uggs outlet, ah, that gave me the gift? “Little Dance hand, pulled him into sitting down and out of hand,” I see where your sincerity. “


??” Are an adult, you have a gift? “Summer Billiton frown,cheap uggs,” Without you, I just prepared a gift for her sister, in the trunk. “


??” Oh, how do you know my sister. “Asked the little dance a little confused, do not understand how this guy can say so determined, say with really like.


??” I wanted a sister, I think I would be very loving sister. “


?? See his straight face, laughing little dance, and she certainly believe the extension will be a little brother sister love, like a tripod on Loving that? Nice.


?? At this time, summer Tinto stood up, “Well, you have a good rest, I will return to my room. “She can not affect the rest.


?? Go?” Hey, you just got, you do not play with me for a moment? “


?? Remark one, immediately attracted a record eyed and blunt rebuke,” play what? You have to protect my sister. “


?? Pan aunt side looking dumbfounded! However, soon smile, she basically believe that the current situation is very good, he assured turned away to prepare dinner.


? ? Seeing summer Billiton on the go, a small dance quickly said, “You can not play, then you chat with me now, so I have been very boring yeah. “


?? Hear sounds pathetic little dance, summer Billiton stopped, turned around suspiciously and asked,” just chat? “


??” For ah! We have not seen for a long time, I have not told you I miss you ah …… “


?? Small Tinto face suddenly red, turn came, pulled up a chair sitting on the bed, glanced her, “What to say? “


??” Have you ever wanted me. “


??” No! “This woman, how not changed a bit.


??” Really sad. “


??” You’re boring. “Also so rogue, summer Billiton some weakness.


??” I said, Well, I’m bored so called you to chat with me, ‘there is talk about’ a little. “


??” Uh …… “


?? Small Tinto silent for a moment,” Mommy’s sick have recovered, but I think she will be very lonely, I think I want to accompany her. I am also very heavy schoolwork, and I want to practice. So long did not see you, I will not bother to worry about the rest of you, to give you a gift in the trunk, late show you. “


??” Learning very hard? “The problem is so small children, to be considered true, small dance heart sour.


??” Is not hard! “Summer Rio shook his head,” Those are the things I should do, I want to become a daddy like that man. “


??” Ah, summer is really summer home extension pillar ah. “


?? Summer Tinto face was red, lips whispered a bit hesitantly.


??” How, and have something to say. “


?? Glanced at her, the Rio Road Summer,” I told your sister you? Mommy only one. “


?? Little dance frowned, thought for a long while, the seriousness of the road,” Maybe this seems a little younger “


??” But Daddy …… “


?? “This is a matter between us!”


?? summer Tinto nodded, “I know a woman. “


??” Hey, you call me a woman? In this way it is impolite yeah, summer extension. “


?? ……


body 419 Ⅱ: bent Hugh husband – father and son

?? 24


?? “gentleman by their first names, but also very lady. \\ * ^ \\ ^ Ge * reading” Summer Rio countered, picked up the throw on the bed That comic book, her face a look of contempt, seems to say that you look at this? They threw the book, he began, “I admit that you will not be a lady, but you dare not something to look forward IQ.”


?? Little dance of white at him, “Your IQ head, that you do not have the mood, they do not have to appreciate even the comics. Whose kids like you people are so cute. “


?? summer Tinto scoffed,” without a successful man will not see these products garbage comics. “


?? Therefore, nothing but disdain for this channel.


?? tut tut! Also successful man blanket! Hear from the mouth of a little boy?


?? “I believe you are on the red words, there are many female compatriots crusade against you.” little dance two fingers poked him a little black forehead. “You little devil, do not be unable to find wives go.”


?? “I do not marry a wife.”


?? “Really?”


? ? “Of course!” arrogant determination chin raised, spit out a sentence, “the woman is in trouble.”


?? uh! Fainted!


?? this tone with his father almost exactly the same, what is regarded as an insight into her son.


?? small dance unconvinced, “You do not laughable, and pretend Kua, not catch you like the girls have when you regret.”


?? “Even to marry, I think, the woman at least not yet born.”


?? “how do you know? really not that cute.” funny little dance music was great, could not resist Poke a small extension of the forehead bitterly, “you know, is not fun | ^ reading Pavilion *”????

“Hey, you do this, people will say you are stepmother. “Little Rio grabbed her hand, how can chaos poke his head in the boys do? Too.


?? “I would have is stepmother to punch your performance, this time at home, you want to eat them every day.”


?? “Do not, I would rather starve.”


?? may face clearly says, you’ll do it?


?? ……


?? door opened, Ding Zhuo summer came, pulled loose tie, untie two shirt buttons.


?? “Daddy!” Summer Tinto immediately stood up, his face still for a few seconds before the smile suddenly disappeared without a trace.


?? Xia Ding Zhuo glanced at his son, “Go to your room!”


?? little dance hastily grabbed his hand and allowed to leave, “You have not met for a while , it should be to a big hug. “


?? then found two incredible hell everyone is an expression. How, she said, very strange? But it is clear that the father and son have a certain understanding of the culture.


?? after a small extension out, looked up and looked at her husband a small dance, “Did you see him not happy?”


?? “ah ha?, I want to tell you a big comparison hug! “Ding Xia Zhuo grabbed little dance, Dishou kissed her Chunpan,” he naughty or nice, there’s no kick you. “Now she is let him guilty, really hard on her, had Lin Shu Rio is also seen when pregnant small have such a big belly.


?? “okay, you are not allowed to change the subject, you had any brains, you see a small extension happy not happy.”


?? “I went to take a bath.”

? ?

?? “not telling the truth does not tell you to go.”


?? Xia Ding Zhuo eyebrow, “What do you want the truth?”


?? “is without a father does not love his son ah! I want you to say it, you love small extension to a frank attitude towards your love for him. “She held up a finger, stressing each syllable,” you see He is also very happy, not happy is false, Well …… “He handed her lips swallowed.


?? “Damn, how you can do.” fiercely pounding his chest but that he caught, “I’ll make it up to you, but you have to save some effort hit anyone.”

? ?

?? “Humph!” angry!


?? small hand touched the belly dance, “Baby, Daddy is obviously a brother, also fooling, put on a very cold look, so, ah, you’re pathetic slightly, Dad certainly will not hurt you, simply a good mother remarried now, so there is a bad father Xiongxiong. “


?? again this trick?


?? a big hand hold her chin.


?? He looked down, his forehead against her, “then call you finished, what should I say?”


?? “To say you’re a small extension.”


?? “impossible.”


?? “how impossible, not to say you’re not nice.” He cold it? It is not!


?? “to get to what you say, say to him? what to say ……” What he said softly in her ear, a small dance suddenly red in the face of biting his chin, “Do not say . “


??” K! Needless to say, I went to take a bath. “


??” Hey! “


?? teeth small dance gas,” you Do not think I would be so easy to give up “

see close the bathroom door, picked up a small dance pillows:???? This time I have to open up your son, baby, mom wants you to have a human Dad and brother good point?


?? this time, Ding Xia Zhuo pocket phone rang.


?? “Hello?”


?? “little dance, my brother do?”


?? “called sister.”


?? “No way.”


?? thought she was good-natured? “Goodbye!”


?? “Hey, Shangguan blue dance, do not hang up.”


?? “Called sister.” She opened condition.


?? “fight …… reward ……” Summer Love came hum babblings.


?? little dance with a smile, “Do not tell me slack, pronounced to be accurate.”


?? “Do not push your luck ah, this big thing, but yeah.”


?? “big deal?”


?? “Mingyi Ge sister Joy was dumped.”


?? “He is not to chase Australia yet?”


?? “yes ah, now it is coming back, and Mingyi Ge dream life every day now, had very decadent.”


body 420 Ⅱ: bent Hugh husband – only you

?? 25


?? “ah, he alone back to Japan, he and his sister is a serious problem yet, exactly how it is.” small dance stricken asked, “You say that Mingyi Ge how about? “


??” certainly bad cough! “Loving some recollections of,” We do not know exactly how it is, but this trouble so fierce, I have a very strong a hunch, Joy under the cruel but not him, but Yong Son, you do not worry, do not worry should you worry ah, my brother called to the phone. “


??” he bathing, how about you tell me just fine. “Mingyi Ge is Joy dumped?


?? “Oh!” Summer Love silent for a moment, “Ode to the child, the baby naughty or nice?”


?? “Fortunately, that is a bit naughty.”


?? “naughty ah, then go home and a child Pippi good, with a small extension really like a brother, not fun yeah. chant, pre-production period is next Wednesday, and I this weekend back with you. “


??” Your aunt is doing this is not bad in the end ah. “got cheaper still cold.


?? “I was not bad.”


?? “necrosis, even the sister refused to call, very rude yeah.”


?? ” I like you a long three months, call your sister humiliated. “Summer Love said.


?? “do not call sister are not allowed to come back.”


?? “Hey, you do not offend me, ah, I feel bad carefully steal your baby, take Wan Jitian . “


?? damn summer love with this play it? “How dare you, I will kill you.”


?? “What is so stingy to do, oh, I’m a terrible death.” Summer Love without fear, though it is said, be afraid, very arrogant smile

Changan town may have only one minor prince and a 50,000 infantry ah. “I sighed:” There are those who vassal king, emperor if they can Anfen more, if the emperor went to hear, and we were trapped in the white board, and does not move crooked mind of? So we can only conceal, to hide the truth to the army has returned to Chang’an later, in order to give the emperor encoffining. Fortunately, the weather is cold, the emperor’s body …… not to short change much. “

Zhang Fan Kuai’s mouth again and again, together for another Zhang: “But he …… San San him ……”

I dropped his eyes and whispered:. “Lvzhi sorry emperor, then returned to Chang’an, the whereabouts of ancestors Lvzhi one will kneel to apologize” Listen Here, the house everyone speechless. After a long while, I also said: “You go first, and I think there is a man and a little later the emperor, Fan Kuai wipe your tears, do not let people see at a glance just cried..”

“ah.” Fan wiped his face and stood there for a long time hold only one bow out. Chen Ping sighed, also followed and walked out.

trial eat its hesitate to ask the sentence: “? Miss, you …… you alone.”

“first while you go out, I am a man quietly.” I speak, exhausted, just hope nobody immediately able to find a place to hide, do not face in front of all. Turned out to see him, thought, and said:. “Out of that membership Ru, you go take care of it, it is also a poor child.”


[three hundred and fourth chapters died (two)]

sat in the house for a long time, I think I should be sad, but actually this sentiment, but rather large tracts of empty. Liu left, he had become a place where the presence of gaps.

blank terrible.

to this moment, I suddenly realized that his own subconscious is also dependent on Liu Bang. Because he was the last winner of the war between Chu and Han, is successful. As long as the victor always keep themselves and stand together, then naturally they will themselves become the winner.

flames everywhere in this era where, for safety, in order to survive, I was almost unconscious has chosen to comply with the direction of history to go on. Otherwise, perhaps the entire Jia has long been the era of big waves swallowed. Just as I was, and Xiao said, the rebels are not a dinner party, do not rush, you make what reversed. Lu but a well-off place on fills family raised more soldiers can withstand several peasant uprising army looted?

only themselves to become part of looters only motive behind Jia-standing, standing HW, Han emperor stood, Jia benefits it may avoid too much damage in the late Qin of the war. After Liu Bang can be considered one of the leaders of the rebel army, and Pei this area has always been his sphere of influence,cheap ugg boors, even if it is located elsewhere semicolon, which has a flag pole covered with HW, but also safer.

I always thought he was no longer allow parents to marry Liu was worried, until now, when the inner self-examination, it was found out, I realize I marry this great man himself twenties, but in order to better only survive this troubled world. Because the face of this earth-shaking, drastic changes can occur at any place in the world. I was actually just a totally insecure, self-confidence and no little woman.

So, in a sense, is what I use Liu, not just fulfill him. In the past ten years, Liu actually most of the time are protected Jia, protect me, even though he forced me to their survival in Pengcheng jumped out of the carriage. But on reflection, who is not selfish. Especially when facing death. Sacrifice their own sake of others, it is a saint, I should not have had to saints standards Liu.

Liu, just an ordinary man. And I also just an ordinary place woman.

After all, we had a couple they should not do. He was two thousand years ago Lumpenproletariat countryside, I am from two thousand years after education was extremely long been sober realistic city girl; he was in power feudal emperors. I was too self-conscious woman; he hoped that all the women love him, and I dream of their men faithful …… As the saying goes, the couple to married, careful scrutiny it is not unreasonable. In two completely different environment to grow up to people, how could so easily kneaded into one place.

unless, there is strong enough to abandon the death of love born forget where bridge.

however. He and I did not.

between us. Even if there are feelings. Never love, even if there have been love. This love is too light is too light.

a person sitting in the house, facing no longer breath, quietly lying on the couch gradual cooling of Liu Bang, I was a little bit back to thinking along these years, and he warmed to the tears from his eyes slowly fall down.

me and his marriage is a fundamental mistake too realistic, and now this error is finally over.

Although, I did not feel happy ……

Liu fear will accelerate the decay to the body, so the house to the fire has been extinguished. Cold trickle in, the temperature of the room in a little bit lower. When I wake up in time, could not be frozen winced. Hand rubbed his cheeks, tears already done enough, only touched the cold face.

got pushed out the door, turned and saw its membership Ru fresh trial of two people sitting on either side of the door. Could not help but ask: “Is this big cold days, you will have to sit here now?”

Ji Ru bow sitting, if not heard, the trial eat it up and said: “This child will not go away, as if I wanted to go in the final to meet the emperor also …… also some worry you, keep on the outside, just in case. Do you want to call people, but also people cope. “Liu’s case because of fearing to know, so let Chen Ping guard soldiers waited at the outside meter, but we were not in front of people on duty.

I sigh: “That do not freeze to death yet you do not have to worry about me, myself to rest, right?.”

trial eat its hesitated a moment, and said: “That …… I’ll send you to a place to live, Chen Teng adults just out of the huts, people have been cleaned up a little later,uggs outlet, I went and Fan generals squeeze. , it should not matter. “
When “You go in, do not be afraid,cheap uggs, the emperor was alive:
I nodded, patted Chuishou membership Ru shoulder, when he raised his head, it said

Okay, now if wits still, it’s still on Hello. “Ji Ru’s eyes looked at me, and then seemed to listen to understand what I’m saying, and fell to the ground and knock the head, then got up and pushed the door into the house.

I watched his figure disappeared behind the door, gently sighed:. “This child, then there is sort of really sincere,” the words out, and some regret, compared to membership Ru, his performance seems too apathy, no wonder I just Chen Ping would look like eyes. Indeed, even the face of her husband’s corpse will not shed any tears of a woman, the heart can be considered at least as hard as iron, ruthless unintentionally strike.

But tears useful? I even cry, do not allow these people to see Chen Ping, which played a contempt of the heart. Liu died, from this moment, I would be only wishful and Xiuer umbrella, I only stronger, more powerful, in order for them to hold up the sky overhead.

trial eat it with me silently walked in the snow, surrounded by a quiet. He coughed slightly, and said: “Chen proposed terms and adults to handle things go, you have to intend to come out tonight, tomorrow morning sent out to the Valley to Hun Fan Camp generals said to go look up the camp, afraid Sgt. were some instability. emperor here …… they should not pay more manpower, so Leak, so no longer sent over CI Hou, but Chen has been the residence of adults say Miss RBI Well, there arranged a few soldiers, if Miss They never too obtrusive, some menial jobs just told them what to do is …… “

“you usually are not so many words.” I stood still, and turned to see him, “The emperor call you in, why? …… before his death, there is no mention of what?”

trial eat its startled for a moment, his face slightly changed, said:. “What the emperor did not say.”

I just looked at him, after a while child, slowly said: “Really?”

“, the emperor seems to want to tell what happened, but he cough too much, I …… could not hear clearly, and then later on ……” trial eat its Chuimei Road.

“So this is ah.” My light tunnel, then turned to continue to move forward, “If one day you think the emperor said anything, they tell me is that a bit later does not matter.”

I know Liu necessarily what he said, the problem is why the trial would not tell me eat it. Over the years, this is the first time he did not tell the truth to me.

“am.” trial eat its promise a cry, and then continue to quietly followed behind me.


for me to release Chen Ping Liu lived in wooden huts from a distance of only tens of meters, standing in front of two soldiers guarded, he came to see me would impose a ceremony, said: “General met Lu . “

I nodded, that the two soldiers busy and said: “Lu generals, the house has been packed up, said Gen. Chen adults have not used rice pots villain for adult horses prepared broth, the temperature in the fire. forward. “

“You’ve worked hard.” I smile + years, dry food has basically been finished, thanks to kill the horse to survive. But Han horses did not come easy, especially as they love to ride horses died, so his soldiers were basically tears down the killer, in order to kill some of the little horse, everyone refused to eat, a little bit more reluctant to waste. Now late at night, the horse could get a pot of broth, it is not easy.

turned to eat his trial and said:. “you have come to drink it, there may not be there, General Fan eat.”

he hesitated slightly, eyes Piao Liaopiao that the two soldiers, I am now thinking about men, just nodded and said:. “was”

This wooden huts and Liu lived in the same pattern, but smaller and more rough. Intermediate housing also dug a pit burning fire, hung upside down on a high fire only helmet. Came closer, I saw some of the dusty white helmet bowl full of juice, and just have the same nationality Ru end come, presumably broth is a horse. I knelt beside the fire, while the soft body of Imperial Leather down the side and said:. “. Eating it, you drink it I do not have these soups appetite, do not want to eat.”

He looked at me, then quickly look away, that helmet will be taken down, slightly cool for a moment, only to direct a mouth in my hands and drank it.

Suddenly from a cold place into a warm house, I was dizzy and fell some roasted too, tuck sit there and slowly closed his eyes, head against the knee, murmured: “Who expect the emperor went on so suddenly, think about the situation now, think about the situation Chang’an, I really feel tired. “It has just finished, hanging tightly holding the hand of a sudden, I’m surprised, opened his eyes, saw the trial eat its looking at me, quiet dark eyes seem a little flashing light.

signing] [three hundred and fifth chapters

that fleeting light, and review their food quickly release the hand, stood up and bowed to rest it, villain retire. “Leaned Shi a ceremony, turned back out.

I looked down at his hands, only to find that the hands are still lukewarm to the touch but still. Liu’s death make the biggest obstacles that lie between us disappeared, but in fact, we still have across so far.

because I became the Empress Dowager Han, Han toward one of the most distinguished and most unlikely widow remarried.

I know, no matter how far we get separated, the trial will eat their faithful watching at the other end waiting for me. But also because of his endless waiting, so I will not be one hundred percent more to put himself and his love to go.

in a relationship, and who pay much more, and who suffer the greater harm. I want a sense of loss, in fact, is how selfish my bones, how realistic, how ruthless man ah. Like I’ve said, and he did, he is a life-saving straw, to about to collapse when, even if only by a straw that stays in there, I can simply tough get past that to calm the time, Who would think that a mere straw afford it.

in my heart, he will never be the first one, wishful important than his, Xiuer important than his, Jia important than his, Han toward important than his ……

him up but nothing more important than my own thing. Must wait until after the row in front of him all the things that are packed well before his turn, and finally turn to myself.

But you really can have that day ……

casually slept in a cabin two or three hour.

I discovered that the original wolf mattress is an excellent thermal effects, or even if the house burning fire. This house is also surrounded by venting to make me frozen to death. Drilled in the door, that the two soldiers guarding a busy salute:. “Seen Lu generals” to keep them out of the night, though from time to time to roast Roast, but they face are cold blue, between action also seems rusty joints in general.

“you guys rush to roast Roast, get another point of soup and drink.” I said, “I go around just fine.”

“am.” They promise that a cry, some struggling walked to a fire not far.

Looking ahead, the whole camp like Han caught in a vicious circle of slow motion. Because trapped for days, food shortages and cold exhausted all energy, so all of a Chinese soldier who dull eyes, emaciated as if dehydration vegetables. Many injured soldiers have been missing clothes and medicine has swallowed air. Their bodies were buried in a moment nor shall only be carried to a piled, anyway, very cold weather, short-lived fad will not rot. But this coexistence and esprit de corps corpse to feel. Let everyone’s emotions are caught up in an extremely depressed state.

This is true white mountaineering.

If you let them know that Liu died, I’m afraid tilting moment between morale would collapse completely.

not walk, they saw Ying Fan Kuai came from the front, applied for a ceremony. Said:. “Seen Lu general” no night, messy beard on his face, Qinghei the gas a little heavy. Display is not sleep last night. I nodded and stood still. Road loudly: “Fan generals.”

“Gen. Lu Chen adults and captains are official procedure, so that the end of the generals got no future look Lu. if already played, then please go along with the weekend.”

“good.” I nodded, knowing that Chen Ping is in fact represents the goodwill euphemism. Chen Ping, Liu’s death is also on a huge blow, because he managed to become a confidant Liu to fight to the Cao, Fan Kuai position of those old veterans on an equal footing, but all with Liu’s death has turned into smoke. Own courtiers, the young prince, the emperor and did not leave the Colonial Secretary, which means the Queen Mother’s will would greatly affect the whole towards the bureau, then he can sit in the future moving in exactly what kind of position, apparently depends on my mood to set up.

Fan Kuai led the way, also did not go far, then to the front of a small wooden house. Push the door, I would see sitting around the fire inside seventy-eight generals, heard movement have looked up, but it is Bo Zhou, Guan Ying, Chinese suppliers and other Lord of the camp most of Tarawa in general. My heart fearful, if these people were really in the White Huns climbers caught, that may really Han toward collapse. Easy to find the daughter, a will is rare, so the kill floor as they roll over, has extensive operational experience in general is more of a national treasure.

Although Chen Ping should have told my message to them, but these people Zhou Bo

Long time without saying a word, Qi Huan finally looked at her weird, she walked directly spared.
“you stand.” green central shouted back, unfortunately Qi Huan simply ignored her.
she says stop, why should you listen to yourself.
“I know the man beside you is Gui Xian.” green central calling again,cheap uggs, this sentence makes Qi Huan successfully stopped.
“So what?” status of the ink is not very suitable for night indeed appear here, however, even these immortal know, at most, is a little bit of trouble, and who dare not come to die.
two hundred and eighteenth Zhang Wei Tao

“Once upon a time and the underworld has always kept to themselves, even if he is Gui Xian, Once upon a time I casually break, I am afraid it is difficult to justify it.”
“……” you have to say is this? If finished, I left. “Qi Huan no interest in listening to her go on with this threat herself, she thought it was a bit naive. If fear, Mexican night would not come.
“So, you admit that?” questioning small nose a bit strange, but Qi Huan did not how to think.
“Even I admit, how can you like?”
“acknowledged enough.” green central mouth formed a trace of strange smile, Qi Huan suddenly found himself two very atmosphere of terror locked, her body stiff.
“As a fairy, collusion Gui Xian, you know the crime.” behind an old and it looks ethereal voice incoming Qi Huan ears, because the sense of smell is too big a threat to her, so Qi Huan and did not look back.
Qi Huan in the heart secretly surprised, did not know the fire? Where did you get this from people. These two lock their breath, we still have a lot stronger than that God will curse, Once upon a time the most powerful of the four gods will not only what, how much danger now come up varieties.
fact Qi Huan understanding have been a bit wrong, then six Tianbei destroyed, the number of fairy magic demon from the inside out a few, though a lot of dead, and the rest are scattered in different parts according to their strength six.
course, this one, there are so a small part of the hidden world no choice. Once upon a hermit in the majority of those, or else just four God, how could the remaining five regulators.
not just the so-called hermit, does not mean they really do not care. This world, how can so many people bent on monasticism. There are always those guardians who think they can formulate the rules and forcing people to comply.
was indeed given between six had a treaty with the boss walks of life can not go to other people’s sites, but these rules laid down, in fact, is arrayed nice, if what is really boring feet to step on someone else’s site Who would dare not to. At best, is a fight chant, anyway, who are not necessarily dead yet.
“collusion Gui Xian? buckle hat this really is not small, I dare you to see the eye collusion Guixian?” Qi Huan stood, suddenly felt a strong sense of the more chaotic aura, which made her heart somewhat surprised.
“Did not you just admit it himself.” finally saw the speaker’s face, even not two people, but a man a beast. Qi Huan glanced bird species not see what animals, eyes flash of surprise.
repair this thing, but with a small silver par ah.
“Just what I admit it? admit I know Gui Xian? Mozun I know it, you believe it?” Qi Huan pair you stupid it’s face, see the old man stupefied.
In fact, this old man does not feel any Guixian breath, he will come here, simply because he told the fire? siblings some relationship Shocked fire crow disappeared, his images of fire crow calculated here will come and go, He was over, heard the fire first came here? tell myself Qi Huan thing.
As Guixian problem,uggs outlet, although Green Qi Huan central categorically say that men around the fire crow is Gui Xian said, but he did not see the ink from start to finish the night, simply can not be determined. Moreover, six of the things about him that Gui Xian also have heard, that people do not appear in fairyland.
“Well, sophistry.” Believe it or not is one thing children, do not deal with Qi Huan is another code fix. The old man finished, he reached out and caught up towards Qi Huan.
Qi Huan was not out of the way, in fact, one she can deal with, I do not know where there is a variety of animals,cheap ugg boors, she was a person absolutely no chance of winning. Now Qi Huan really very sorry, last night was Mexican night tossing her miserable, do not know when it will wake up.
Do not get me wrong, she just let the ink back three from the four virtues night only one night. Mexican night and then again tied up, molested a little bit, and then it is more suitable for children up.
“Wei Shushu.” the old man’s hand has been caught in front of Qi Huan, Jiao He stopped suddenly cry.
“Xiao Ru?” the old man surnamed Wei paused, his voice slightly puzzled.
“Miss” Implying you have to let go of her! “Green Central can not help but mouth, knew Miss own heavy feeling, but this child” absolutely can not just forget it.
“No, since she and my brother’s disappearance, of course, not so let go, but Wei Shushu, here, after all, your family silver, we should also inform him soon.”
Qi Huan sneer, did not see the fire?’d rather be in life. Inform small silver cry, she just relaxed and this old man Zhaode Zhu her?
fire? then let the old man frowned a bit, to be honest, he really does not like to offend the little silver. Small silver can not produce any threat to him, “but the first small silver behind God will.
hidden world why these people could not, God will first have a great relationship, that person, they can not play the provocation.
had been promised since the fire? want to help him do the elders can not gone back Moreover, I believe that a small silver will know the severity of a woman it does not matter ……
glanced Qi Huan, Wei Feng is no longer on her shot.
Anyway, here is the little silver boat site, but also their own men, Qi Huan is not afraid of anything out of trouble, simply follow the old man behind waiting to see small silver.
see the little silver when he was eating breakfast. Qi Huan breakfast for a small silver material was quite curious, do not know the snake is not yet as keen now radish.
see which tables are too rich, and certainly will not be a person of food, Qi Huan smile on his face even more. Sure enough, not long after, I saw a pile of flesh from her home fox drilled out.
little fox Qi Huan and glanced to see a few people come along with her, some doubts blinked, but did not speak, but to jump back to the arms of a small silver. Enjoy wallowing in him, not for a while, put a small silver and white clothes to dye a piece of grease.
“Wei Feng adults, long time no see.” Although small silver tone is very respectable, but look out for him not the slightest respect for the old man on this behavior, how to sit with people of Dage call. move
small silver really is let Wei Feng face became very good-looking, but he’s fairly normal tone, “I heard you and Xiao Ru soon get married?”
It is not obvious what, but also use it to ask. Qi Huan curled his lip, just keep looking for a chair and sat down, had also wanted to get something to eat, but just think of the little fox played inside rolled appetite instantly went half.
“, the change table.” Qi Huan told them I was not polite, waited at the side of the silver are small personal bodyguard, Qi Huan slightly surprised a moment, then let them, but soon someone came over, “adults want What to eat? “
housekeeper small talk is silver, Qi Huan also be mixed with a familiar, he also did not know, Qi Huan actually already married, so deserve the title of this lady.
“to the point of light.” recently appetite is not good, probably every day to sleep late. The maid who looked greasy food down on the table withdrawal, Qi Huan yawned, while preparing to go back to sleep holding xianggongzhuang return sleep.
conscious move to Qi Huan Wei Feng’s face immediately pulled down, and he came along all joy, not in order to allow her to eat breakfast.
“Yes, but not always in Wei Feng adult retreat Why, how have the time to attend the wedding of it?” finger small silver fox has been wandering in the small neck, where the soft texture of the fur feels exceptionally well.
“I came to the fire crow, I listen to Xiao Ru said, this woman knows the whereabouts of the fire crow, but really?” Wei Feng tone with a little questioning.
“Nonsense, fire crow simply do not know her, the two of them will involve how to go with.” small silver hand Rounong a small fox, looked up slowly behind wind swept Wei fire? with green center.
his eyes calm indifferent, but people looked at the heart of a cold.
“Then you tell me who she is? Xiaoru I heard that you and she seems to know for a long time.” Since small silver deny, Wei Feng did not continue to pursue the meaning of such a thing, there is no conclusive evidence, He also can not just give a small silver set the charges.
if others, he did not need the evidence, the key is a small silver here, he can not be so reckless.
“how, Wei Feng adult relationships are very interested in me? adults need not need me to tell you, all these years I have killed many people, did nothing contrary to Heaven thing?” small silver tone remains dull But in the words meant, but let Wei Feng choking a bit.
he also knows his own words seem to ask some more, but, Wei Feng Qi Huan’s identity or to generate a little curious. It is said that this woman is somehow appeared in Once upon a time, not just silver, even the deep fire seemed to know her, what is the identity of the person in the end, why she never Once upon information?
or destroyed before she is six surviving immortal, but why it took so long before she appeared, and her cultivation even so low? Repair is low or thing, Wei Feng also heard the preceding time, this woman went to the temple thunder, Thor temple openly stolen from a person, completely ignoring the curse. What is more, in fact, that her strength was still deep on the fire, for these messages Wei Feng also just listen to it, and did not take it seriously.
if she really so powerful, I am afraid it will just shot himself. However, her identity, is indeed to be determined.
“I did not mean, however, that this woman is indeed very suspicious.”
“I do not know where suspicious?, I would think, you suddenly appear here is rather suspicious of it, people want to get married, you arrives to knock, or in fact you spotted the fire?, deliberately looking for a fight of it?” Qi Huan not salty not pale, then sounded, suddenly Wei Feng’s face was blue one.
two hundred and nineteenth chapter to apologize

“Qi Huan, you, you’re too much!” Qi Huan, then just finished, the fire? look of anger on the opening, Qi Huan words what is the difference with slander. Now those people are waiting to see her jokes, regardless of Qi Huan said is not the truth, I am afraid that the real population will drop.
“how I much? slander you find me? do you no slander me with you, that I know your brother, that I told your brother’s disappearance a relationship, you have evidence of it! still got an old man taught me, up Once upon a betrayal give me a hat buckle up, how, repair bully me only a heavy day? still bully me no background. “Qi Huan sneer, did not give the fire? face.
For the small silver umbrella he cares about what. Now he sent did not put security in the eyes of the little foxes, hey, fox curse!
“collusion Guixian things that you, how would you say!” fire? can I say too Qi Huan, but she just relying on small silver attitudes and identity Qi Huan letter his brother’s guess, fire crow The letter did not mention that the woman is Qi Huan, let her find the evidence to where to find her.
Since I can not get the fire crow that thing, then only this one counts it. Unfortunately, the fire? Too impatient, one thing that made a mistake. Wei Feng Qi Huan say collusion Gui Xian, because his strength is out there, or that he was confident that a group of people on their own, even if he was wrong, and others did not dare to make irresponsible remarks. Fire? A small female immortal, is totally unacceptable in front of outsiders brought Gui Xian, which is the upper Once upon unwritten rules.
“fire?, you too presumptuous!” small silver tone icy, silver eye swept the fire? slight tremble in the body.
“Xiao Ru.” Wei Feng warned wildly looked at her, know that this girl is Qi Huan gas, will Koubuzeyan.
Qi Huan simply glanced at the fire? one, waiting for his own breakfast served butler, slowly, to send to his mouth. While eating while also pointing, which tells the housekeeper taste better, which need to be corrected, and here she is better than fire? Like hostess.
housekeeper knows strange atmosphere in this house is not suitable stay for long. Nonetheless, Santo said, no matter what the command Qi Huan, had to do so, Qi Huan let him go, he dare not move ah. For a time, the whole house, on the left Qi Huan voice.
“Wei Feng adults, if there is no other thing, then do not send.” small silver began.
“Of course I still have things I heard you know the whereabouts of the fire crow?” Wei Feng is also a tough master, master of all the obvious people are not welcome, and he also cheeky to stay, probably upon a hermit expert have this style.
“I do not know.” small silver also rogue thorough enough, said earlier, it can not recognize overthrow. Anyway, he was dealing with the old man, certainly not suffer, nor chimed while buried Qi Huan eat breakfast while listening to the two of dialogue.
“This is related to the fire crow’s life, how can you as a child’s play! in the end you know?” Wei Feng tone somewhat poor.
“is not to say, do not know what.” Whether he was a small silver high unhappy, anyway, he is soft and hard to eat. After
little fox satiate began boring mill claws, according to a small silver chest began mad scratch, but fortunately a small silver wearing clothes well, short-lived fad is not expected to be broken.
“Knock it off.” gently patted the little silver fox paws, trying to move to the side of his little paws, but since the little fox refused, finally letting his small silver can only act of wanton.
rarely saw him look gentle, turned out to be because of a fox! Fire? Simply can not accept this fact, but for the Green Central has been stopping her, she wants to rush to crush the fox.
little fox totally obedient to continue to continue to scratch scratch, Well, tell you to get married, tell you to marry his wife, hell, kinky snake! This is the voice of a small fox, of course, the small silver is absolutely not know. He just kept wondering, what awkward small fox in the end trouble with him.
“Well, then you do not know when we come to talk about this woman’s question, I heard her one
appear here since man is Gui Xian, I think the fact that you should know how to it. “Wei Feng Huan attendance once again turning their attention upon, anyway anyway, Qi Huan he is sure to deal with.
small silver disrespect to him, he can endure. However, Qi Huan Once upon nothing, dare so rude to him to Wei Feng haughty temper, how the ear can tolerate.
“Do you think possible?” small silver tone some impatience.
“This maybe why I want to meet with the man her up.” Wei Feng really is very seriously their own children, Qi Huan really curious if he saw a Mexican night is Gui Xian, What performance.
night with ink desperately? Even if he is high enough repair, side also brought a very powerful animals, the ink on the night went to the trouble, but also to die conduct it.
Wei Feng With that, a small silver does not make decisions for Qi Huan, but looked up to Qi Huan.
Qi Huan happened just before eating breakfast, and I feel pretty comfortable, “Of course you can see him, if he is not the person you’re looking for

Since you go, why should save me?
do not know when a finger touches a bit no temperature lips, eyes narrowed Li Chen, cold flashed.
Now that provoke, even if it is gone, and I want you to pull back! Jinrizhishi, but also of the future will be when times!
mountains ? Γ? yet to dawn.
forest Ocarina child sneezed. Dissatisfaction rubbed his nose, Ocarina children continue to collect the berries. I thought for that person should also wake up, right? In his own poison he will not be around come, right? But he had a fracture should not tamper with it?
While thinking, Ocarina Erque also not delay,cheap uggs, quickly go over berries after harvest, they found that the river except that hideous wolf corpse, actually nothing.
Ocarina children surprised, hands holding the berries scattered.
“Is not it is not it? Did towed by wolves?” four looked, but found that in addition to leaving messy footprints, actually no other traces. This ocarina children exhaled a deep sigh and sat down with exhaustion.
“your cat, you pour yourself saved you ran! whirring, which led me to find you so tired to eat, results in vain!” Ocarina just keep blaming the child, went into the drug ring , saw the ground residual blood, eyes slightly trance for a moment. Li Chen remember watching her water that one, if not that one, maybe she really let go up. Finger into his arms, Ocarina children look sophisticated Li Chen had taken to her that a few things.
silk roll, bottles, tokens.
Ocarina children moonlight to see the words on that token, the eyes are a bright!
“that was it!” sigh sounded at the water’s edge, but it is not known.
rest for a night, according to the memory ocarina children walked down the hill, but do not know where suddenly there came a sound of a horseshoe, the horse was surprised to find a few black people came back when. Ocarina child eyelids hop, being chased out of a long reflex, immediately to the possession of a tree. However, her surprise behind the warm breath, turned out to be hiding a man!
Tangmen volume one hundred and ninetieth chapters are too dangerous
one hundred and ninetieth chapters are too dangerous
Yes, you read that right, someone wore lid updated ……
saying Ocarina children to escape a Traveller hiding behind the bushes, but the accident was behind there is a human being, not by subconsciously want to say anything. However, the person behind Ocarina children seem long expected action, a deft if lightning covered her mouth ……
Ocarina child hearts surprised, then is not thought of themselves surprise …… Could we just find someone Emperor adults to come, so here hide and seek?
Horseshoe slowly crescendos far, Ocarina child was behind a loose hand, turned around and awaiting to speak,uggs outlet, but accidentally stuck -
skin 白若琼 fat boy in front, nose hanging lamps, a pair of slender obsidian eyes water seep in a very dark red, cherry red lips spit quietly delicate aroma of the whole person as the night elves in general,cheap ugg boors, luxurious and sophisticated …… if said 唐若涵 was scared to Heaven clear handsome juvenile, then the child is plunged into darkness …… Fallen Angel
Ocarina children feel is a big moment in the adorable little jabs general – is too small cute ah! ! !
“You ……” Li Chen instantly thrown into the Java country Ocarina children awaiting harassment is too much, but in the next moment is not normal to feel a chill ear. The experience made her escape several times subconsciously that it is too small to hold a roll-forward, “when” is heard, a dark matte fletching inserted in the two men behind the tree.
land uptrend delicate eyebrow a twist, whispered moan, feeling his shoulder wound seemed to bleed more, just barely a mention of being infuriating because this stupid woman flapping in his body and broke up!
dark eyes flashed red, it really is a God to lujia perish?
“Kill!” with a bloody cold voice sounded, Ocarina children help a blind eye, and then subconsciously remembered the days of small sheep escape together. Children beneath pale, wrinkled brow just at this time but also loosened. Looking at the charming little sad sad face and then from horror to despair, Ocarina children only feel the hearts of a pain. And the immediate impression that sweet villain children shouted “Snake” figure seems to have a moment of coincidence ……
“Get out.” cold voice sounded again, Ocarina children understand these words said to myself. Intellectually forced himself not to wade this muddy water, Ocarina children took a deep breath and said to myself: You’re not cannon fodder to a humble woman, no Tangmen no martial arts What do you expect? Is it true to life yet? !
However, when she really tries to climb up the kids from that time, the inevitable touch of that boy emaciated body ……
Ocarina child pupil a shrink!
child’s body is weak gently trembling, Ocarina children subconsciously looked for the boy opened his eyes ……
eye in dark red dyed fuel, aqua gems that hold in mouth a bit stubborn, but is a bit more cynical and forced due to indifferent, no joy without sorrow just looked Ocarina children.
“Keke ……” In the silent moment, Ocarina child can hear his thoughts, intellect gave her a contemptuous comment, icy fear but rather to establish a gang of black people has produced bizarre dissipate a. “I said, you heroes, we have something good to discuss?” Ocarina children stood up, the way the child pulled himself seems to feel the eyes of a child, for his encouragement smiled.
land uptrend some doubts glanced put his hand to his woman, the woman was surprised to find his own pale face to reveal a comforting smile. Lu uptrend suddenly shocked, heart cursed Could this stupid woman is in poor themselves? Face in front of these people do not get out, is it not life! But they lose control of the hand grip on a pair of smaller than their hands between touching the skin, there is a subtle warm blood passing along the bottom of my heart.
black rider apparently did not think embarrassed in front of the humble woman will say so, Is there lujia helper? Several men quickly caught the eyes of each other, and then look to start issuing the command man.
“Who are you?” middle man asked.
Ocarina child know that he is leader, Mouzhong aqua flash, then revealing a pale stiff smile:. “Little Women just ordinary mountain man, the robber did not want to Lu Yu, did not expect to escape this encounter several heroes, Here I question how far from the nearest town? “
strange silence.
Ocarina children themselves almost every stand it no longer felt cold sweat mixed with the smoke back lump night, she was almost trembling with cold. What seems to be the thinking man
, quietly eyed gently shaking the woman finally spit out the words from the thin lips, the “north, twenty years.”
Ocarina children this is the delay time, did not think the other side is really the answer, are not surprised at the rise and each other as one, the next second they feel the man’s eyes sort of inexplicable familiarity.
“That really thank you …… …… ha ha ha ha ……” Ocarina children rub dry with a smile, but found myself laughing at the quiet atmosphere of this unspeakable unexpected. Damn, whatever the outcome, you have fifteen joint fifteen horses, how not even a little sound out? After Ocarina children quietly step back and feel smart kids around followed by a step back, the hearts of some ease.
“If the girl all right, you can go ……” man staring Ocarina children moment, long while opening. Ocarina children can not help a bit surprised, and even those black riders seem to have looked a bit surprised that a man. But these people seem to see well trained, and have not decided on what men objection.
Ocarina children laugh or two, simply said thank you, and then pulled the hand behind is too want to go, but the next second a dark place without warning fired fletching two hands connections.
“you go, he left.” man cold emotionless voice sounded, Ocarina children crossbow in his hand and turned to look at her chest with both hands from the direction of the two connections.
Ocarina child a bite, said: “You what, why make things difficult for a child?”
“……” did not answer, the man exudes a natural attitude of contempt. Ocarina children actually do not get angry, because compared to the two men, she is out of the next bit. Not martial arts and an awkward, not to mention …… this world would have on women have an innate contempt ……
But who says ant can not shake the tree? Underestimate a woman may be doomed to suffer ……
Ocarina child’s face could not help thinking of a smile blooming, pale little face smile bright, relaxed and proud with a trace of cunning, Harmonia Shuimou as moonlight in general, let the side staring at the development of the situation tense Lu uptrend robust.
“bad!” perceived Ocarina children smile, headed man first felt wrong, immediately breath breath, but the hands of a soft, delicate crossbow that has been dropped on the ground. The horse stood quietly seems to have realized the owner is wrong, some anxiety up, man hastened to appease grip reins, but found that he had general weakness. However, he is considered a good, eyes swept away and found a few people have been falling horses.
Lu also chill sharp uptrend looked just limp black people down, hearts surprised, not by the woman glanced around, feet to retreat half a step. But when he saw the woman’s face a look of joy on his face filled with “praise me, praise me,” look, do not twitch of the mouth.
this woman ……
Lu Yan Qu Xunfeng Mouzhong cold colors, decided to continue to look.
“hero Do not panic, this is just an ordinary cartilage loose nothing if the hero we need to do something, then I can not guarantee the ……”
will explore the man quietly closed arms hand back, staring at the Ocarina children looked for a long time, it said: “So is Ms. Tang Menshao next …… sorry ……”
Ocarina children smile for a moment pause, the next moment the curvature of mouth has expanded a bit, “since the hero already know my identity, it seems we Tangmen really so famous ah! haha ​​…… So, The reciprocity not also look at? “
“Slow!” feel Ocarina children going to kick myself washcloth approached, the man frowned.
“next to the little lady with the intention here is not difficult, but behind this child ……”
Ocarina already mentioned, the hearts of children for each other Tangmen and annoyed, but still not salty not pale and said: “This child I Tangmen guard down ……”
His words down, not only men, even quietly behind Guan Qiao Lu uptrend nor by Yizheng. After
man moment Huiguo Shen children, the tone of some strange, low voice: “For the next knowledge, no close friends Tangmen with Lu Jia, do this muddy water drip Tangmen have not?”
Ocarina children hear “Lu family” should know that the boy must be surnamed Lu. Because the original cramming, she knew Huaibei Wulin Shi Lu Jia also famous home, thinking without hesitation: “The?. Tangmen the matter is that you clearly state my door or I know things, do not qualify outsiders to intervene.”
Ocarina children listen to poor tone, man Shining eyes, watching Ocarina child said: “So, Ms. Tang Shao insisted on guarding the child, could revive the name Tangmen idea?”
Ocarina children a frown, Review glanced that children face serious revival Tangmen and save the child …… half a dime a relationship?
“This …… I would also like to explain, but I think almost efficacy is coming, you still break it …… oh, about an hour after twenty, it will wake up.”
men’s hearts surprised, then you come to the dark ……
Lu uptrend eyed emaciated woman’s back, and refers to the knife, the color of Mouzhong Henli across, however, has just raised his arm, it was covered with melted while not controlled pour down.
Ocarina child was behind the child stumble, quickly reaching a pick, is too in my arms. Lu uptrend between
limp, the reigning anxious hearts, hands strenuous last vestiges of strength on the chest press, feeling a sense of hard chrome arms of objects, thought we going to be taken away? But the woman clearly saw his actions, but did not imagine the reaction, but took something from her, go to their lips touch ……
between misty land uptrend seems someone feel and speak for themselves, not for this heart to remind myself to sleep, and Lu Lu Jia …… the secret to their own home guard ……
but the warmth of the body hit, had not slept for several days uptrend feeling chord section of land in the Okanagan brain taut, and then they fall into lethargy among ……
Tangmen same boat, Vol 295
one hundred and ninetieth chapters same boat
rain slowly crescendos, hit the windows did not fit. Then a pale hand window is closed, the person missed the bed fretting eyelids.
Ocarina child took a breath, looking out lingering rain pattering heart began to plan. Unconsciously into the bed, looking at the still sleeping child, tighten eyebrow silence.
From this perspective, he really does not bear the slightest resemblance and Tangruo Han. Facial features, nose and lips are faint air of charm with a hint, not help a wry smile ocarina child watched his slap shot was not actually a person …… ah! He talks a lot like what the …… besides himself merely a whim just to save him, soon parted ways, so why care?
land uptrend squint, people seem aware of the side of the trunk of looking at ourselves, not by inner doubt. What kind of person this woman? From that point of view called several men, she seems to be Tangmen myself, but it does not always their own relationship with Tang Men, why she wanted to attempt to save him? Could there also to Lu Jia treasures?
land uptrend awareness clenched hands in the sleeves, the hearts of a cold, eyelashes feather shocked, is pretending to wake up look.
“awake?” aware of each other’s subtle movements, Ocarina children help a joy, a little brisk tone. “You’re so ah, I went to get you some water ……” he finished he got up to her table, well it happens just ducked just want violent action Lu uptrend since the raid …… When
until she turned to them, and that the child has a pair of Jiaoqie powerless dazed expression, very pure weak winked: “Here …… Where is it?”
Well …… Ocarina children Duanzhaochabei hand shocked, completely admit that Moe is too strange aunt ……
“Here ah, yes inn, you hurt not go too far, so I’ll take you to the inn came.” Ocarina children will be in the hands of the cup and handed the child, his tone deliberately put a lot of flexibility.
land uptrend mind a tight, myself and find people who will come up, but has been down pretending to drink water, cover your dark Mouzhong cool.
“…… That sister who are you?”
“I, ah, I’m …… amount, pottery far flute.”
“far away …… flute flute flute …… then I’ll call you child sister, okay?” land uptrend crooked head, face weak smile.
Ocarina child suddenly got the music takes a child-like dog bones, unpromising nodded, head wagging a long time before suddenly thought, “ah, I say kids, what do you call ah?”
land uptrend brain suddenly three black lines, Chromic tender lips a stick, said: “I was not a child, I have fourteen, my name is Miss uptrend ……”
Ocarina child world and man, thinking together own almost into menopause, the more that land uptrend was a child. Plus she and 唐若涵 along, “funny kid” has been sympathetically, help Minchun laugh along and said:. “That’s it, the uptrend is not a child.”
“flute child sister here will not unsafe? those who will not look up?” land uptrend hold back the hearts eyed, watching the woman obviously a pair of “coaxing” look, but still continue to play innocence. Tell him this feeling

Also, said Lan Qing four arts and taste, she had seen her paintings, and now even her own portraits are painted so superb, she had to admire this woman. Of course, I believe her talent, she will be able to believe in this painting in possession of a secret.

Xiangba, yo will pave the painting on a table, turned and picked up the greedy spirits, wine spill will not hesitate to draw. At first glance the beauty of figure painting since the beginning of unrecognizable after being poured wine, yo heart,cheap uggs, though suspicious, but still be careful wine continues backwards until the entire painting increasingly blurred,uggs outlet, were all wet, just be careful yo The wine will be put aside, to take up painting, the painting carefully placed candles beside the bird looking carefully painted to hide this stuff.

Suddenly, the study door was pushed vigorously, yo hand flick, look to the dismay suddenly stood sullenly in front of the Ming Lie cold.

“What are you doing?” Ming aroma absolutely ruthless with cold eyes, looked gloomy yo. Suddenly, yo because of tremor, paintings that covered the spirits go there when you hit a small flame, burning up immediately.

“ah ……!” yo shocked, looked down at the burning up of paintings, quickly looked at it simply does not show anything on the floor picture dismay.

“My God!” yo suddenly reflect over, we must do this painting is not ruined her hands? She quickly bent down and picked up the picture you want, I did not realize the fire has burned more prosperous, which is almost exactly one painting to make swallowed.

Lie cold wrath came out, a tear yo bent body, fiercely pushed aside.

“ah!” yo yelled a moral being shoved out Lie cold pushed aside, his head fiercely rammed Zhuoan iceberg, suddenly feeling dizzy yo only, it seems there was a head back in slowly heat shed.

Ming Lie cold in the ground already frowned at burning into ashes paintings, suddenly turned and lit another candle, walked toward the room and saw that empty hole in the front wall,cheap ugg boors, suddenly angry, bloodshot eyes turned fell to the floor seems to look very painful watching him yo.

“Su-yo!” Ming Lie cold fiercely at her.

“Lie cold ……” yo terrible dizziness, stomach pain inexplicable, raised his arm and looked at him: “I just …… I just want to help you …… I do not ……”

“Enough!” Ming Lie cold roared.

Section 072 Chapter: Burning draw broken heart (1)

073 Chapter: Burning draw broken heart (2)

073 Chapter: Burning draw broken heart (2)

073 Chapter: Burning draw broken heart (2)

“the king said to you repeatedly put up, you actually unrepentant and do such a thing! Su yo! The king wrong with you, you really have not changed!” Ming Lie cold blood red eye. “I did not!” Yo called low crying, she wanted to explain, but she found her strength in the loss of her sanity depletion ……

“Lie cold …… I’m so sad …… Lie cold ……” yo unique find, then looked at his pleading eyes full of tears, her head hurts, her stomach hurts, it hurts her that she is good …… uncomfortable ……

“less then everything you deceive the king!” Ming Lie cold fiercely stared at her a piece of paper has become almost white face, turned around and looked at the ashes on the ground, suddenly sneer aloud, walking approached the altar wine brought yo picked up and shoved shoved into his mouth filling the two, and then fiercely thrown around yo.

jars cracked voice sounded Tuibian yo, yo scared half-open eyes looked frightened eyes bright aroma that dangerous cold eyes. “Lie cold …… me, you listen to me explain …… good ……” yo choked to live, he should believe her! She should believe!

“nothing to explain!” Ming Lie cold bite roar, “the king should know, you do not even dare to kill Lan Ching’s life, and how tolerance got so a draw! Sue yo! you this heartless woman …… You …… “

“I really do not ……” yo Yaochun, finally crying out, aggrieved at him, her tears which props in general, could not, and finally, to a howl: “I did not …… I so sad …… “

yo twisted brow, feel behind already wet one, what is so warm, down the back of her head had been in the downstream. . “Help me ……” yo Diqi.

Ming Lie cold did not see her, but fiercely, fiercely holding a fist, suddenly felt that he can not stay …… watching yo crying, looked ashes paintings, Ming Lie cold Suddenly sneer loudly, laugh never ran, bowed his head looked fiercely yo eyes half closed again, stepping on a land of debris and turned quickly out of the study. “Lie, cold ……” yo staggering off listening to his study door was absolutely ruthless on the floor and my heart is like this, like debris, abruptly break anymore ……

How could he not want to believe her? Ming Lie could not believe how cold she? She really did not mean …… she was just trying to help him look at this painting has been the secret of her …… ……

yo was coming from the heart suddenly feel an urgent fire, forcing her mouth a sweet, down a body spray of blood. Yo tears watching the blood of the earth, suddenly looked back slowly flowed back from the head, and the back flow of blood on the ground ……

tears falling drop by drop, how could this be ……

yo eyes half closed, suddenly sad smile, speak, eyes suddenly became a black, body slumped down ……

down in a pool of blood ……

074 Chapter: shocking

deep cold floor study, where candles burn, came a cold room. . , The door is usual desire to clean up the maid opened the morning of the study, the nose suddenly released into the atmosphere over a Unit thick smell of blood children.

little maidservants snorted, hands clasped broom, carefully walked toward the inside.

Zhuoan first glance at the bottom to the bloodbath woman, frightened little servant girl cried out loud, turned and walked quickly ran out: “Help, help ah ah someone princes den ~ a lot!!! Blood! help ah! “

deep cold floor near the guards one, quickly stepped forward to grasp a small maid’s arm: “?? how the”

“Blood! lot of blood!!!” little servant girl started crying, “I have to clean the princes of the study, saw a woman lying on the ground, surrounded by a lot of blood! do not know if the dead did not die! awful!”

“took us to see!” guards frowned, pulling little maidservants went cold floor to go deep.

night, Ming Lie cold have not been back to the cold deep floor early in the morning, covered with the alcohol just returned to the palace, I saw him standing in front of a small prescription face facing acute Khan looked at him.

“! princes, you can come back to the” small prescription quickly stepped forward, hold some sway Ming Lie cold body: “You been drinking?”

Ming Lie cold stability of the steady himself, turned around and stared at a small cold prescription. Face a stiff little masters, knowing no right to manage their own masters did not drink alcohol, but …… small prescription low bow down the voice said: “Royal Highness, the government in trouble!”

Ming Lie cold meal, tipsy eyes instantly dissipate camouflage, his face turned to the condensation of small prescription anxiety:? “What happened”

“You study seemed out some things, it seems that little maid to clean the floor with blood What to scared! heard just behind guards have been driven in the past, under the first had here waiting for you to come back, I do not know …… “

“blood all over the floor?” Ming Lie cold face froze, looked puzzled some small prescription was lying face looks like. . , Last night, he only remembers the anger drank two wins under wine wine altar on the floor, then regardless of the pale eyes full of tears So yo, turned out of the study, regardless of her life and death.

blood? How will the blood? Ming Lie cold twist from eyebrow, suddenly pulled up towards the direction of deep cold floor to walk faster.

study had left the door wide open to that, to smell the strong smell of blood coming from the inside track. “How is it?” Ming Lie cold frowning went in, I saw a few guards and usually to clean the den that little girl standing together Zhuoan positive edge at the ground in a daze.

“princes?!” There was a bodyguard recovered, see Ming Lie cold, the body quickly out of the way so that he saw on the ground, carefully opening: “? princess she ……”

they can not imagine how little maidservants say I do not know a woman is dead or alive, is actually the princess.

Ming Lie cold heart suddenly had a bad feeling, a big step forward, looked down at the ground shocking piece of blood, and the bloodbath in the middle of the woman.

saw her hair disheveled, her hair and clothes are almost all blood, especially the back of a piece of blood, looks so heart-stricken.

“? yo” Ming Lie cold shocked, walked forward bent over the ground covered with cold lying propped Su yo, staggering low called: “?! yo yo”

clutching the side of the little servant girl crying tears, never seen so much blood, it has never seen it so vibrant spirit of Soviet yo face as white as they are now not save this world look.

Ming Lie cold smoke a pumping heart of a sore, he can not imagine how she exactly how this night, and when you feel the heat stability of wet hands, he quickly looked at his hand, only just recently that Sue touched yo behind the big hands, so even a large stained with blood.

Ming Lie cold shock, leaning yo, turned to look at the blood on her back, along the large blood to the point, just look at her and not dry behind the dry blood stick together, and disheveled hair tangled .

last night that scene impressively into the mind, he recalled yesterday because she was too angry and will vigorously pushed aside, seems to be loud to hear her head hit on a table, and then she just tears watching him, said she uncomfortable, but it has not stood up ……

chills Douzhao Shou Ming Lie, looked down at the closed eye seems to have been no different with the dead man child, and my heart ache tight.

“how could this be?” he asked himself, men hurried out into yo want to test the nose of her breath.

Fortunately, there is little flavor, but extremely weak. Touched her cold body, hand and hold the temptation yo hands, the same cold one.

“go get the doctor!” Ming Lie cold suddenly clasped tightly yo head, she pressed into his arms, turned scarlet eyeful looked around in front of guards and small prescription: “Go! “

“Oh, yes!”
a person
around hurriedly fled out, the doctor called out to run errands, but also better than the face of such danger to kill so many bright aroma stronger cold.

“princes ……” little worried prescription frowned, looked up suddenly rushed out of the den yo Hengbao Ming Lie cold, quickly caught up.

“So yo, the king did not let you die, you give me hold on!” Ming Lie teeth fiercely cold, looked down at the child who died without Province:! “the king even if you try to dig Too Late three feet will carry you to find out! not eliminate the king of gas, do not think you can ever escaped a deep slumber hate the king! “

Ming Lie on her head or in the cold a little bit slowly dripping blood yo ran into him in the deep cold floor bedroom, Xiangyebuxiang will almost covered with bloody yo into bed, the eyes of the panic that he never had, even Ben came just a small prescription could see, Ming Lie cold this time just a little mad after being enraged lion is no different.

“! you out,” Lie cold stare out into the room trying to help him save the little yo prescription: “The doctor told me to come in the door!”

“Oh, yes!” small prescription moment, then nodded his head, and turned the room door.

Ming Lie cold turned back, ripping yo body get rid of the blood of those who are already living soiled clothing, blood still see her face, lips have residual blood, bright aroma cold heart even as being a big dig meat-like pain abruptly.

074 Chapter: shocking

Section 075 Chapter: She must be alive

Section 075 Chapter: she must live out the aroma of cold yo clothes torn, and took the quilt to cover her body, but the blood in his head and saw her tangled hair, his hands suddenly stopped, Some looked without the stiff feel yo. . . He suddenly wished she could open your eyes cursed meal, or standing on the bed staring at him properly explained to him burn painted things! He wanted all night until the morning when he returned to the palace door think we should give her a chance to explain!

“?! that’s the way you do against the Soviet yo” Ming Lie cold bite, her eyes staring fiercely: “Open your eyes, explain ah now the king to hear you explain how you do not speak!! pretend dead? do not think the king will really feel bad! Do not think you are so way to fight with the king how you will feel wronged! The king just yet …… “

“princes! doctor is coming!” small prescription sudden knock on the door, the next big roar Lie cold in the break room.

Ming Lie cold stability of the steady mind, stood up and looked at the bed yo, turned and went to the door to open the door, yet the doctor came in, he suddenly grabbed by the collar Ming Lie cold, cold voice growl : “save her!”

“ah ……” The doctor was shocked: “King, princes …… let the old lady look!”

“princes.” small prescription twist eyebrow and tried to gently pull down the Ming Lie cold arm, look to bright aroma that almost bloodshot eyes cold. Dr. Ming Lie cold to a respectful bow bent, turned and quickly went to bed, when they saw that yo face pale as a sheet-like, the hand flick, quickly stepped forward to check the wound on her head.

Lie cold turned out, I want to go over looked, but a small prescription gently pulled him.

“princes ……” small recipe look to wring out from deep aroma cold brow: “Royal Highness …… you Jiaxizhenzuo it?”

“What do you mean?” Ming Lie cold heart shocked, turned around and glared at the small prescription. . .

“Royal Highness the Princess to the holding room just in time to run, when the eyes of the panic was heard over blue sunny girl’s death, worse.” small prescription frown. In addition, he is cold and the Emperor Ming Lie, Lie cold the only one who knows next to change the attitude of the reasons for the Soviet yo man. Just because he grew up mostly around the Ming Lie serve him cold, so cold out this plan aroma naturally he will know.

Ming Lie cold shocked, surprised to see the little face that prescription dignified expression.

“Royal Highness, Princess her ……”
Lie cold in between Ming and small prescription filled with the solemn atmosphere, has been watching yo doctor suddenly turned out to see the look of anxiety aroma cold.

“said.” full of confusion has been a reminder of scattered small prescription, Ming Lie icy cold complexion look to the doctor.

“Princess sustained severe head injury, excessive blood flow, and the urgent fire attack, coupled with the body harbored a month pregnant, life worrying ah!” Doctor helpless openings.

just heard the front, then wring out from eyebrow piercing cold cold just watching the doctor, he certainly knew that she shed too much blood, bleeding all night, yo life is still big on flavor, He just wanted her alive and yourself.

pregnant when I hear the words when pregnant, Ming Lie cold surprised, turned around with a small recipe as one, both tacit twist from eyebrow.

“No matter how kind she is, you are the doctor, she was responsible for the save!” Ming Lie cold shook a fist, want sensible suffers and so do not feel bad for her, but he was still blocking chest discomfort.

even though she died last night at the Blue Clear leaving his last painting ruined, even if she intends to put his collection of blue sunny portrait of life to burn, but this time to see her this way, he suddenly found actually hate up to hear her explanation.

“But kids ……” Doctor frowned.

“Children of course need to save the king, mother, son, flat, Ann!!” Ming Lie face looked cold chill doctors shake their heads: “talk nonsense, Kuaiqu Jiu man who saved! , and Jinshanyinshan your pick! “